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American Tin's FREE Design Services

Jan 8, 2016 4:52:24 PM

Are you inspired by the unique beauty of tin but unsure how to plan your renovation? Going back and forth between different patterns and colors but not sure what will look best in your space? Or perhaps you can't decide if you want a simple tin accent or a full blown tin ceiling? Don't fret - we're here to help!

American Tin's expert design and engineering experience is available to you with our FREE Design Services. Our team advises on simple and complex installations all over the world and wil...

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The Most Popular Patterns of 2015

Dec 30, 2015 6:30:22 PM

The results are in! The most popular patterns of 2015 were #3, #7, and #19. Read more about the installation possibilities with these beautiful patterns below:

Pattern #3

A subtle but intricate design with a low profile depth, Pattern #3 features floral coins and arching diamonds. The low profile depth of Pattern #3 is also a favorite for walls and backsplashes because it can be easily wiped clean and sits almost flat against the wall. Pattern #3 is available in each of our 50 colors.

Ideal Appli...

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From Wall to WOW!

Dec 23, 2015 7:05:24 PM

The possibilities for tin panels in interior design reach far beyond just ceilings! Tin panels also make for ideal design accents on walls and wainscoting with their subtle textures, variety of finish options, beautiful and unique patterns, and ease of installation. Read more about exceptional wall applications from around the globe...

Lindsay Chambers Design - www.hazel-wood.com

Pattern #2 - Gold Washed White, Silver Washed White

Lindsay Chambers' adept use of Pattern #2 as a livin...

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American Tin Ceilings produces a selection of carefully chosen patterns for design aesthetics ranging from traditional to modern. One of the most popular patterns in our repertoire for commercial installations is Pattern #7, a dignified and traditional design featuring an ascending braided egg and dart frame with an elegant embossed circle. Pattern #7 works in concert with many design aesthetics and is available in each of our 35 colors.

From a clean and minimal white, to unique Artisan Finishes...

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Pillar & Peacock

Oct 28, 2015 10:51:12 PM

pillarandpeacock.com - FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest


Pillar & Peacock is an interior design firm based in Virginia and Alabama. Browsing Pillar and Peacock’s projects shows the principal designers, Brandeis and Adrianne’s, attention to the native spirit of the space, their delicate melding of contemporary design elements with distressed walls and furniture, and their expert (and tasteful!) applications of invigorating color. When P&P sent us their West Wing Bathroom and Lodge project (featured on the DIY Network and HGTV) with uniquely distressed tin ceiling panels from American Tin, we had to learn more (and hint – they tell us about their process to achieve this exceptional look!)


TILES INSTALLED: Pattern #6, Hand-Finished


APPLICATION: Residential

Tell us a little bit more about Pillar & Peacock (principal designers, origin story, areas of specialization, etc.)

"Pillar & Peacock started in 2011 by two friends. Adrianne (A) hired Brandeis (B) to help design her kitchen/sitting area in her new house. We had so much fun working together that we decided to start a business! Brandeis has an interior design degree from VCU in Richmond, VA, and Adrianne has a finance degree from Tulane University. B works out of our office in Florence, AL, and A works out of our office in Irvington, VA. We specialize in residential design (everything from accessorizing a bookcase to working on plans for renovations/building a house) but have also worked in hospitality."

Where do you turn for design inspiration?

"There is so much available these days for inspi...

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