A tin ceiling is installed in a variety of ways depending on the material of the current ceiling. The Nail-up nails to wood, the Drop-in lays in a suspended grid, and the SnapLock tile screws into drywall.

Snap LockTM

The most common material that is found in homes today is drywall. The Snap LockTM tile screws into drywall using 1 1/4" drywall screws. The Snaplock contains a flange system which interlocks into the subsequent tile, hiding the screws.


For new construction, the Nail-up tile is nailed into a furring strip grid on two foot centers using 5/8", 18 gauge brad nails and an automatic brad gun between 25-40 lbs psi. If a furring strip grid isn't preferable, 3/8" plywood or 7/16" OSB can be used.


Suspended ceiling grids are most commonly found in commercial buildings, ships, and basements. The Drop-in tile simply lays on top of the grid. We manufacture a clip that ratchets over the t-bar, which pushes the tile into place and keeps it from moving.