Tin Tile Colors

American Tin Ceilings’ 35+ patterns are available in more than 50 colors and artisan finishes.

  • State of the art finishing processes using only non-toxic materials
  • 24” x 24” tiles constructed out of top-quality .010 tin-plated steel
  • Three installation types - Nail-Up, Drop-In, and Snap Lock™ - for easy ceiling, backsplash, wainscoting, or wall installation.
  • For Nail-Up, Drop-In, and Backsplash pricing, reference the first price in a sequence, e.g., ($6/$9). For Snap Lock™ pricing, reference the second price, e.g., ($6/$9).



Silvers & Blacks


Golds & Brass

Bricks & Rusts

Mochas & Granites

Many of our colors require unique mixes or a multiple step finishing process. These ‘special’ colors can be affected by many factors, so we suggest that you order enough of these panels and moldings to do your job the first time. If you need more of that color at a later date we cannot guarantee that the run will match exactly with your original order.

Unfortunately, these ‘special’ colors can not be returned: Antique Brushed Nickel, Antique Rustic Copper, Antique Silver Gloss, Black Lacquer Gloss, Black Textured Satin, Copper Brushed Bronze, Copper Burnt Umber, Copper Patina, Copper Penny, Copper Tuscan Bronze, Copper Washed White, Creamy White Granite, Gold Brushed Bronze, Gold Burnt Umber, Gold Metallic Gloss, Gold Patina, Gold Washed White, Gray Granite, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Gold, Oil Rubbed Silver, Old Bronze, Pewter, Red Granite, Rustic Copper, Silver Brushed Bronze, Silver Burnt Umber, Silver Granite Satin, Silver Tuscan Bronze, Silver Washed White, Royal Gold, 24K Gold.

We suggest ordering a sample pack to ensure your color choice. Sample packs are free and only carry a fee for shipping and handling.