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The Haunted Mortuary

New Orleans, LA

The Haunted Mortuary

4800 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
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One of the most actively and famously haunted mansions in America; ghost hunters from around the world make the trek to New Orleans to experience paranormal activities at the Haunted Mortuary. Originally built in 1872, the historic property at the end of the Canal Street Cemeteries streetcar line has an interesting story to tell. A Grand Victorian Mansion with aweinspiring porticos, the building was considered an architectural marvel with its neo-classical revival style exterior and eclectic interior. But this beautiful design was no ordinary living quarters - it was a fully functional funeral home, complete with autopsy and embalming room, crematorium, cold storage, and casket sales.

In 1959, an ambitious remodeling project was launched which added a specially designed elevator, a rear garage for the discrete delivery of dead bodies, viewing rooms, and offices. At its height, the funeral home featured amenities found in only the nicest of mansions such as smoking parlors for the men, private bedrooms and apartments with separate baths for the bereaved, maid service, an on-site cook, dining facilities, chaise lounges for the ladies in their private bathrooms and drawing rooms.

As you can imagine, a building of that magnitude was quite expensive to keep up. After a few exchanges of hands, years of neglect and Katrina, it was acquired in 2007 by its current owners, PSX Audio/Video Technologies and completely revitalized to restore it to its former glory, complete with tin ceilings. They bought the property fully with the intent of turning it into a haunted house. Little did they know, many of the souls who had passed through the old funeral home seemingly never left. Visit the mortuary to scare yourself silly or appreciate the exquisite detail of a historic property. The choice is yours.


Which pattern/color do you have installed?

"We have patterns 13, 22, 7, and 9 in Oil Rubbed Bronze throughout the mansion and pattern 23 in Aged Brass (discontinued color) in the bar area."

Why did you choose tin?

"It has a unique vintage look that we were looking for."

Was installation as easy as they explained?

"Definitely, they are all drop-ins so I just hired a drop tile installation company."

Are you happy with the purchase/would you use it again?