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Snook Architects

Ormskirk, England

Snook Architects

10 Duke Street
Liverpool, L1 5AS
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Liverpool's Neil Dawson may have just won the Royal Academy of British Architects' North West Emerging Architect of the Year Award, but that didn't stop the principal of Snook Architects from giving us a peek into his history, inspiration sources, and why he's specified American Tin for multiple high-impact installations in the UK.

TILES INSTALLED: Pattern #32, Antique Rustic Copper

LOCATION: Ormskirk, England

APPLICATION: Restaurant & Bar

The Blind Tiger, an Asian influenced speakeasy in Liverpool


Tell us a little bit about Snook Architects – year founded, principals, areas of specialization, awards?

"Snook Architects was founded in 2008. Principal architect Neil Dawson / principal areas of specialisation: office, high end residential and bar / restaurant / hotel. Snook has received lots of British RIBA awards which over this side of the pond are very important- and on a personal level very appreciated. We are of course open to commissions in the good ol' US of A yee hah."

What was your path to this career? When did your interest in architecture and design develop?


Where do you go for inspiration?

"The everyday, the mundane, the unexpected."

Tell us a bit about your process once you've begun a project?

"Impossible - each one is different - you can't predict life and you can't predict a project."

What attracted you to tin as a design element?

"The ceiling is an often underused canvas - and the tin ceilings help fill that under utilised void."

What has the reaction to these projects been as a whole?

"Riches and plaudits beyond your wildest dreams (unless of course you are the sultan of Brunei - then you might be mildly disappointed with the response to them)."

What is a unique design advantage to tin that makes it desirable over other material choices?

"As a material, tin is pleasantly tactile and feels quite artisan in the way you fit it. Moreover, its ease of application means pretty much anyone can fit with little or no training. There are surprisingly few authentic products available for retro application to ceiling spaces [and particularly for older historic buildings] and in this sense, tin ceiling tiles are relatively unique which is why we return to them time and again."

Any future projects we should know about?

"Lots - its just a struggle knowing where to start."


Neil designed and built this luxury dwelling for two partners in a classic modern furniture and artifact retail business.

Salt & Liquor is a cocktail bar in Liverpool.

TILES INSTALLED: Pattern #1, Stainless Steel Gloss


LOCATION: Ormskirk, England