Game Room Copper Ceiling Tiles

July 8th, 2013

A happy customer sent us these beautiful images of Snaplock Pattern #2 in Copper Tuscan Bronze. You can see the tin ceiling tiles are installed over a pool table, enhancing the customer’s game room.

copper tin ceiling tiles

Pattern #2 Copper Tuscan Bronze

copper tin ceiling tiles

Pattern #2 Copper Tuscan Bronze

copper tin ceiling tiles

Pattern #2 Copper Tuscan Bronze

Great projects for the summer!

July 1st, 2013

What better way to spend those hot summer days indoors working on the house? Our Snaplock tiles are designed for homeowner installation, and easily install into ugly popcorn ceilings. Check out some of our recent customer emails.

White Tin Ceiling Tiles

Snaplock tin ceiling tiles Pattern #23 in Creamy White Satin

Copper Penny Tin Ceiling Tiles

Nail-up Pattern #25 in Copper Penny

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Snaplock Pattern #8 in Copper Tuscan Bronze

Pattern #3 Embossment Changes

December 7th, 2012

We’re continually improving our product which you can see in our latest upgrade to Pattern #3. Our die has been improved offering a more intricately designed impression. This shows more detail in the design.

Pattern #3 Stainless Steel Gloss

Pattern #3 Copper Brushed Bronze

Pattern #3 Silver Brushed Bronze

Pattern #3 Copper Tuscan Bronze

Tin Ceilings for Everyone

October 23rd, 2012

Tin ceiling tiles are products designed for the home, business, and public spaces. They’re metal tiles that provide a sense of confidence, beauty, and historical significance. Many structures are left with a bare white ceiling, or bland white ceiling squares, often ignored. Owning a tin ceiling shows attention to detail, and engulfs the whole picture so to speak.

Pattern 22 Silver Washed Pewter

If you look up, right where you are currently, consider what a tin ceiling would do for the space you’re in.

United States Patent (#2)

June 26th, 2012

The American Tin Ceiling Company receives its second patent on the SnapLock Interlocking Tin Ceiling Tile.

United States Patent #2

Patent No.: US 8,191,326 B2

A decorative panel is manufactured for installation on a surface of a room. The decorative portion, two female mounting portions and two male portions. The female portions have punched holes for fastening the panels directly to a surface, and the male portions of an adjacent panel are positioned into the female portions to partially hold the adjacent panel and to obscure from view the punched holes and fastening hardware. The panel design and installation method allows the decorative panels to be attached directly to a building material such as sheet rock without any intervening supporting structure.

American Tin Ceilings now manufactures METRIC Drop Ceiling Tiles

December 21st, 2011

Unfortunately, we as Americans are the last ones on the planet to embrace the metric system. Anyone in the metric world who wants to use out drop style panels has 2 options.

  • Import imperial sized grid
  • Buy something else

Since we don’t really like either option, we have built tooling to manufacture metric dimension panels. Now you can order your metric panels from American Tin Ceiling Co. and purchase your 24mm grid locally. We look forward to hearing from you concerning your next remodel or acoustical tile replacement. Metric Drop-Ins are made to fit:

  • 600mm X 600mm on center grid
  • 24mm wide
  • Our Panel
  • 3mm reveal edge
  • Easily clears 576mm opening
  • Framed by 24mm grid
  • Edge to edge 595mm x 595mm

Tin Drop in Ceiling Benefits:

  • Visual upgrade from standard acoustical tiles
  • Powder coated finish will not need refinishing and are easy to clean
  • Eliminate replacing acoustical tile every couple of years
  • If you are outside the U.S., this is a unique look that will get people’s attention.

ABC 7 – Made in America

February 7th, 2011

White Stuff, United Kingdom

October 18th, 2010

A chain of retail stores called, “White Stuff” have been popping up all over the UK. Starting in the 1980′s, this popular company is thriving today even in the hard economic times. They have recently began installing tin ceiling tiles from The American Tin Ceiling Company in new stores and old stores alike.

ceiling tiles, white stuff

White Stuff, UK - Nailup Pattern #2 Creamy White Satin

ceiling tiles, white stuff, UK

White Stuff, UK - Nailup Pattern #2 Creamy White Satin

Lincroft Inn and Tin Ceiling Tiles

September 3rd, 2010

The Lindcroft Inn in Monmouth County, NJ originally built in 1697, under a grant of property from the King of England (350 acres) chose Tin Ceiling Tiles in Copper Brushed Bronze from  the American Tin Ceiling co. during their recent remodeling project. This historic restaurant ( is a facinating story of a simple revolutionary war bar and way station that  became a historic, charming and successful restaurant. It is a chance to eat a wonderful meal in a truly historic setting.

copper ceiling tile

Carnival Cruise Lines and Tin Ceiling Tiles

September 3rd, 2010

Carnival Cruise Lines newest Ship,Ocean Magic, to debut in 2011 is currently in the hull stage at its shipyard in Italy. American Tin Ceilings was chosen to supply its Hand Fauxed Copper Patina Drop in Tin Panels for one of over 20 restaurants planned for this ship. The Ocean Magic will carry 6000 people in passengers and crew.

copper ceiling tile