Why are Tin Ceilings so popular today?

Tin Ceilings remind us of a different time in our country’s history. Tin Ceilings stir memories of gentler days when elegance and beauty reigned. A slower paced era where style and grace were the watchwords in home decor. Old time victorian homes, formal parlors, farmhouses with wood burning stoves and other historic architecture we’ve seen in literature and film or remember from our childhood.

It is said that “Everything Old Becomes New Again”. It reinvents itself and becomes fashionable again, perhaps because it was so fashionable in the first place. Fashion goes in and out of style as modern ideas are introduced to the market. But the popular styling’s of the past always cycle back into modern contemporary culture. The Tin Ceiling exemplifies this concept.

Tin ceiling popularity dominated early 1900s ceiling decor as an affordable alternative to expensive, artistic plaster. The industrialization of manufacturing allowed intricate plastering and ornamental stucco decoration to be accurately replicated in tin plated steel. Tin-plated steel could be pressed with embossed designs identical to the beauty of sculptured plaster, yet tin ceiling panels could be massed produced at a fraction of the cost of custom plastered ceilings. Also, the installation of tin ceilings could be completed in a day, where custom plaster ceilings took months or sometimes years to complete.

Tin plated steel ceiling panels possessed an additional characteristic that fueled their popularity. They have an hour burn rating at 1300 degrees, which provided an effective fire retardent. In the early 20th century, many first floor stores and shops had apartments homes on the second floor. Tin ceilings installed on the first floor gave the second floor residents adequate time to escape a deadly fire.

These same quality product exists today at an affordable price. Thanks to The American Tin Ceiling Co. anyone can own a beautiful authentic tin ceiling. American Tin Ceilings only uses the original .010 gauge tin-plated steel representative of Turn of the Century tin ceilings, not aluminum, plastic or styrofoam. They utilize high-tech powder coat finishing with powders formulated by industry leaders like Dupont and TCI. By using such a high-end finishing process, they produce the most beautiful tin ceiling panels in America. And because the product is powder coated, it’s perfect for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as well as high-humidity coastal climates.