Acoustical Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles

acoustic tin tilesOur new Extra Microperformated Nail-Up tin tiles offer superior acoustical performance by significantly reducing room echo. Because the perforations are so small, the commercial-grade acoustical version of our ‘Nail-Up’ tiles will not inhibit the design aesthetic of the tile pattern.

Benefits of Acoustical Nail-Up Tiles

  • acoustic tin tilesExtra Microperforated panels can reduce noise up to 85% when used in conjunction with an acoustical pad.
  • Improve sound quality by reducing room echo
  • Available in 28 patterns and 50 colors
  • Includes a Class A - 1 Hour Fire Rating (when used with our acoustical pads)


  • TYP Hole Size: 0.028" (0.7mm)
  • Distance: 0.207" on straight centers
  • NRC: 0.25 tile only, 0.85 tile backed with Acoustical Pad
  • Tolerance: +/- 1/64 on length and width