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American Tin Ceilings

Tin Backsplash FAQ's

Backsplash Answers to Common Questions

What materials do I need?

  • DAP Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk
  • Liquid Nails - Projects and Foam board
  • Touch-up paint
  • Tin Snips
  • Hammer
  • Cone Head Nails
  • Drill or Saw (if working around outlets or installing J-channel molding)

How do I clean a tin backsplash?

Properly finished backsplash tin can be cleaned using a mild detergent and water.

What kind of adhesive should I use?

No wood is required. We recommend AcrylPro® adhesive when installing tin panels to a wall application, but most construction adhesives like Liquid Nails® will suffice.

Can I use your SnapLockTM for my backsplash?

The traditional Nail-Up tin panels are used for wall applications. SnapLockTM is intended for ceiling applications only.

Do I butt the panels edge to edge, or do they overlap?

The Nail-Up tin panel has a 1/4" overlapping nail flange by which all of the corresponding panels overlap each other.

Why do you recommend 6" patterns for backsplash applications?

The average height of a backsplash is only 18" so the 6” pattern is most often used for backsplash applications because smaller patterns provide a better aesthetic fill. With the standard 24" sized tin Nail-Up panel, you'll need to cut the top quarter of the panel to fit the 18" wall height between the countertop and the cabinet. Using a 6" pattern will provide a 3 pattern vertical repeat, whereas using a 12" pattern will only provide a 1-1/2 pattern vertical repeat.

How do I cut my backsplash panels to fit?

Tin snips or a guillotine paper cutter. A factory edge of the tin should sit on the countertop. The top of the panel should be trimmed to fit flush against the cabinet.

How should I trim out my backsplash?

Anywhere an exposed edge is left, our matching J-Channel molding can be applied to give you backsplash a professional, finished look. Coordinating Switch plates and outlet covers are also available for a truly seamless installation. You can also use a small decorative wood molding to cover the outside edges. Caulk is commonly used where the factory edge of the tin meets the countertop. Where the top trimmed piece meets the cabinets, a small beveled molding can be used, but because this edge is not normally visible, this edge can be left untrimmed. 

Are your tin panels heat resistant?

The .010 tin plated steel has a fire rating of over 1300 degrees fahrenheit. Our powder coated finishes are cured at 450 degrees fahrenheit.

What kind of finish is recommended for backsplash tin panels?

We utilize a high-end industrial powder coat finishing process for our tin backsplash panels. This is superior to any paint product in resisting acids, solvents, impact, abrasions and heat. For customers purchasing unfinished tin panels, we recommend a minimum of a polyurethane clear coat be applied as a protectant.

Are the panels malleable?

Unfinished tiles can be bent. Finished tiles (anything with a color) should not be bent as that can compromise the powder coating and may lead to rusting.

How long does it take to receive once they are ordered?

Orders are all processed the same day. An 'in stock' item (which includes only “Unfinished” tin materials) will typically ship in 1-2 days plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. Standard colors (Non-Artisan) will take up to 2 weeks to ship. Artisan colors will not be received for up to 4 weeks. Although we make every effort to expedite each shipment, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. If you are quoted a delivery date at the time of sale, that quote cannot be guaranteed, unless you expedite the order which will incur a rush charge. Regardless, we receive several orders per week from consumers who have been waiting three months or more for product ordered from our competitors. So, even under the most stressed production conditions we still lead the industry in price, service and on-time shipping.

What is the thickness of the tile?

We manufacture our tin panels from original .010 tin plated steel. This is approximately 1/16", the 6" repeat patterns recommended for backsplash installations have an embossment of 1/8".

What molding should I use?

If you want to install a molding over your backsplash tiles, you can either use our J channel molding or purchase a wood molding at your local hardware store. Paint will also have to be matched at a local paint supplier to finish the molding you purchase. 

What size are the tiles?

All tiles, regardless of design (pattern), are 24" x 24". The patterns recommended for backsplash tiles repeat every 6".