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Add Old World Charm with Tin Ceilings

April 24, 2014

Available in 33 patterns and 52 colors, it’s obvious there are plenty of options for your home design with t in. For the homeowners who crave a classic elegance, it can feel like an intimidating decision to make that pays homage and gives due justice to decades past. To achieve the Old World design of your dreams, all you need to do is think classically, be artistic, and go bold.

Go Classic

When you think of Old World design, gold accents are timeless and remain prominent in architectural throughout the years. Adding gold accents to your ceilings require a delicate balance, though. Too much and it’ll look flashy and Vegas-like, but just enough and you’ll feel like Marie Antoinette. For the perfect balance of gold in your home, make it just bold enough that it offsets another color. The matte Royal Gold is a gorgeous treatment without overwhelming the rest of your design scheme.

Think Artisan

Old World designs focused on catering to individual tastes and for the indecisive, combining elements to produce amazing, one of a kind results. Take a leaf out of their book and take a look at the Artisan color collection. Hand-finished by our own master artisan painter, these tiles can transform your living space effortlessly. If you prefer details like Pattern#9, you will find the rubbed artisan paints accent the design better than a solid color would.

Be Bold

Bold design choices were appreciated in the Old World justas much as they are today. Rather than keep it safe with earthy mocha and cream tones, be adventurous and select a color and pattern from the copper collection. Satin, Rustic, and Antique Copper tiles offer plenty of variety for your living room. For a truly sophisticated take on the design, combine all three colors in different patterns to add visual interest to a wall or ceiling.


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