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Kitchen Backsplashes - An Easy Way, DIY Way to Update Your Home

October 9, 2013

Kitchen backsplashes are an easy way to make a bold statement in your cooking space. A backsplash is the wall space below your cabinets, above your counter top. Many products are available for this application, and tin ceiling tiles are an option that both look great and are cost-effective. From warm accents and regal appeal to texture and shine, a distinct finish can be created to match any interior design style that will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood.

How to Measure

Typical measurements of kitchen backsplashes are approximately eighteen inches in height, and vary in length. It is recommended to purchase a six inch repeated pattern, allowing the installer to cut a quarter off the top of a tile. This offers a nice repeated pattern throughout the area.

How to Buy

Tiles are are typically ordered with two main components, the panel and a crown molding, but the moldings we sell are meant for ceilings and too large for kitchen installations. If you like the look of moldings, we recommend finding a matching wood from your local hardware store. You can also get spray paint/ a faux finish to blend it all together.

How to Install

The Nail up panel is the most appropriate installation for kitchen applications. You simply cut and glue the tile to the wall. Tin snips are the most common cutting tool. Most construction adhesives are suitable for adhering the tile to the wall, we recommend using Liquid Nails. For more details, check out our installation guide.


All of the available finishes are powder coated. A powder coated finish is water, heat, and rust resistant. To clean, simply wipe down with mild soap and water. The ease of maintenance makes tin backslashes an especially attractive option for DIY kitchen redesigns.


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