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The Best Retail Spaces with Tin Ceiling Tiles

The goal of retail design is to draw people in, create an enjoyable shopping experience, and convert visitors into buyers. From restaurants to shops, metallic accents add visual interest and create a dynamic customer experience. Tin ceiling tiles are a beautiful addition to any retail space as some of these standout retailers know, just take a look at the innovative ways they’re using our products to create a uniquely memorable shopping or dining environment.


Sellands Ceiling

One of our favorite installations, SKINS 6|2 is a beauty boutique in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas that sells hard-to-find global cosmetics. The brand originated from Amsterdam and their first foray into the States made quite the splash based on their beautiful interior design. Pioneering the concept of “retail-theater,” they use tin ceiling tiles and other memorable elements like layered gilded mirrors and intricate lighting to tell the story of each product. Channeling bustling urban street markets, the shop design encourages browsing and touching through varying textures, patterns, and colors.

VooDoo BBQ

A chain of down home, Cajun fast food joints spattered across the Southern states, VooDoo BBQ greets diners with a "street view" of New Orleans. A full sensory dining experience, visitors are treated to the smooth sounds of jazz, the wafting smells of barbecue meats, and a visceral interior design reflective of the party atmosphere of Mardi Gras (the day the chain was born).

Sellands Ceiling

Sellands Market

Sellands Ceiling Tasked to create a signature café experience, the interior design of Selland Market, family-owned retail grocers and restaurateurs across California, is meant to be reflective of the brand’s motto, “a slice of domesticity.” Channeling a romantic country kitchen with touches of early Americana, bright white tiles in a mix of prints (26, 10, 1, 7, 12, 34, 15, 5, 1) can be found on both the counters and ceilings to provide a high quality, visually interesting grocery experience.