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Case Study: Brass Monkey

January 29, 2014

One of the most popular watering holes in NYC, Brass Monkey was opened way back in 2004 to be the unpretentious answer to New York’s onslaught of the scene - glitzy clubs and dress to impress establishments that had started popping up everywhere and becoming a dime a dozen. A warm and welcoming atmosphere with great food and drinks, the management team knew they needed an aesthetic to match the mood - approachable that encouraged hanging out for a long period of time. What they came up with was this amazing loft-like space enhanced with artisan t in. The space is raw, like the energy.

Pattern/Color Installed?
Pattern 6, Copper Brushed Bronze

Why did you choose tin?
We wanted something durable and easy to maintain that fits the look of classic rustic with natural materials.

Did you consider any other materials?
No, we knew we wanted tin

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?

How did you find out about the American Tin Ceiling Company?
Our contractor

Which installation type did you purchase (Snap Lock™, Nailup, etc.)? Was it as easy as they explained?
Snap Lock™. Yes, very easy.

Did you install it yourself? If not, who did?
Our contractor and his crew.

Are you happy with the purchase/would you use it again?
Yes, absolutely.

Any future projects in the works for tin?
Not yet, but we would definitely use it again.

Snap Lock™ Tiles:
Proprietary to American Tin Ceilings, Snap Lock™ tiles require no wood and screw directly into existing drywall making installation a breeze. Each tile is outfitted with two male and two female sides that lock into place through flanges.

American Tin Ceilings is largest manufacturer and direct shipper of tin ceiling tiles in the world. Perfect for both commercial and retail installations, make your ceilings, walls and backsplashes the centerpiece of your interior.


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