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Case Study: Odette

January 21, 2014

An adorable restaurant, bar and retail shop, Odette is a recently opened business in the newly restored downtown Florence main street. Focusing on on tabletop and kitchen items mixed with new American cuisine and craft cocktails, Odette is sure to become one of Alabama’s best hidden gems.

Owner Celeste Pillow tells us how tin ceiling tiles helped create their unique aesthetic blending small town ambiance with a trendy, yet neighborhood feel that encourages hanging out for a drink or three. With these kind of establishments popping up all over the place, Alabama’s coming into it’s own with the food scene.

Tin tiles installed: Nailup ceiling installation in Pattern #2 in Gold Washed White

Why did you choose tin?
It gave us an authentic, historical look.

Did you consider any other materials? If so, which ones?
Yes, acoustical tile and sheetrock. Ultimately we chose tin for the attractiveness and the cost.

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?
Our architect, as well as us, researched online for a good amount of time.

How did you find out about the American Tin Ceiling Company?
Net Direct Merchants (the company that operates American Tin Ceilings Co.) are our neighbors. They saw that we were remodeling and approached us to discuss the benefits and options of tin ceilings tiles.

Did you install it yourself? If not, who did?
Our general contractor, H&N Construction, installed the t in. It was pretty self-explanatory.

Are you happy with the purchase/would you use it again?
Yes and yes.

Anything else you’d like to share or want us to know?
The washed-out look gave us the vintage feel we were going for that enhanced our entire project and complimented the unique lighting and exposed brick. We are very appreciative of the way American Tin Ceilings worked with us personally to achieve our goals and aesthetic – top notch customer service.


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