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Ceiling tiles

5 Ceiling Design Ideas for 2022

September 9, 2021
Ever heard of the fifth wall? There is so much attention lately on ceiling design that designers have started calling it the fifth wall. Paying attention to the great expanse above you not only puts you right on trend for 2022, but it opens up a world of possibilities.

Creating Design Atmosphere Is All in the Details

July 7, 2021

How a space feels is just as important as how a space looks. They are like taste and smell; one is enhanced by the other. The beauty of creating design atmosphere is that it’s easy to do. A few details and you can transform a beautiful room into a place that creates its own experience. For instance, take this hot new restaurant/bar concept in Florida. The combination of Mediterranean seafood, handmade pasta, and custom drinks alone is enough to get some attention and good reviews....

Designing Spaces with Active Client Listening

April 5, 2019

Beth Kooby, Principal Designer and Founder of Beth Kooby Design, is an Atlanta-based interior designer specializing in well-designed spaces for clients who seek balance between style and function. Beth works mostly in residential spaces: from new home construction and home renovations, to kitchen and bath renovations, to color palette selections. We sat down with Beth to learn about her featured project in Atlanta Magazine, where she featured an American Tin Ceilings copper tin ceiling....

5 Reasons You Need to Shop with American Tin Ceilings

February 26, 2018

As with every other company in the world, we would love to be the only company that offers our product, but that is just not so. We will always have competitors and that’s okay because it pushes us to always be our best, so you always get the best products and service possible. Every day our team of dedicated staff strives to go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are me—and we carry this philosophy into every aspect of our operation, from product development and manufacturing to client relations....

The Easiest Fix for Outdated Popcorn Ceilings

July 17, 2015

Popcorn ceilings were a trend in home design from the 1950s-80s, but like most things from that era, the trend has long since died. If you’re stuck with the aftermath ruining your room, don’t fret. Popcorn ceilings can be removed, but there’s an even easier way… Also called “cottage cheese ceilings” for their bumpy texture, this treatment is actually just spray-on paint. The removal process is messy, especially when it comes to spraying the ceiling with water to soften the popcorn before scraping it off with a large trowel or putty knife....

Trendsetting: When Old Becomes New Again

September 23, 2014

It’s often said that trends cycle. Whether it be fashion or interior design, from your trusty high-waisted jeans to classic red lips, there are some fads that aren’t really fads at all because they’ll never completely die. These “trends” may dip in popularity for a few years, but resurgence is almost surely guaranteed. One of those is the ever-popular tin ceiling. Hailing from the Victorian era, tin ceilings were beloved in the early 19th century for their decorative charm, a less expensive but no less beautiful alternative to the pricey handcrafted European home accents that took years to complete....

How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

July 28, 2014

Popcorn ceilings were a trend in home design from the 1950s-80s, but like most things from that era, the trend has long since died. If you’re stuck looking up at the aftermath, don’t fret. Popcorn ceilings can be removed, albeit you have a little patience and a few hours to kill. Removal Process Also called cottage cheese ceilings for their bumpy texture, the treatment is actually just spray-on paint. Although the process is messy, spraying with water to soften, and scraping with a large trowel or putty knife can easily remove popcorn ceilings....

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tin Ceiling?

July 8, 2014

Due to their decorative and ornate nature, when people see tin ceilings, they automatically assume they’re extravagant and expensive, a luxury only accessible to the ultra wealthy. You may be surprised to learn that they’re actually so affordable anyone could add a beautiful tin ceiling to their home. With almost no installation costs (an easy DIY project), all you’re paying for is the materials, which depends on your color selection and room size....

The Ultimate Basement Remodel with Ceiling Tiles

April 16, 2014

Basements are usually one of two things- dark, dingy, forgotten storage spaces or finished dens and playrooms, spaces the children can ravage that’s concealed from sight. If you’re tired of the hurricane of toys and clutter, it doesn’t have to be like that. Make your basement a beautiful area you want to show off, with proper lighting, attractive window coverings, and inviting furniture. According to the Toronto Star, ceiling tiles are one of the easiest ways to brighten up a basement....

Ceiling Tiles Comparison (Tin vs. Plastic)

March 17, 2014

We know you have a choice when it comes to ceiling tiles, or home remodeling in general. In fact, you probably have way too many choices from colors and patterns to finishes and materials. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it helps to make a pros and cons list of the cost benefit analysis so you know where to splurge and where to save when comparing tin or another metal to plastic. At least in the world of ceiling tiles, we’ll help break it down for you....

Ceiling Tiles – Do You Know the Different Types?

March 12, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, ceilings don’t just come in one shape and size, popcorn or otherwise. Effective building design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building’s infrastructure—not to mention cost of construction as well as long-term operation costs. So how do you know which type of ceiling tiles are right for you? Suspended / Dropped Ceiling Tiles With a somewhat interchangeable name, dropped, grid or suspended ceiling tiles are popular because they provide an attractive, finished look that hides wires, pipes, and other unsightly fixtures....

What does your ceiling say about you?

February 13, 2014

You spend hours designing the interior of your home, paying close attention to the types of couches, the angle of the coffee table, and even the materials of the rug. But have you considered what your ceiling says about you? Ceilings are often an afterthought in home remodeling, but in reality, they can provide one of the most dramatic and impactful upgrades to a room. You don’t have to just settle for what you purchased - ceiling remodels are surprisingly less expensive than you may think and it’s a way to make your 5th wall a main focal point....

How to Replace An Ugly Popcorn Ceiling with Tin Ceiling Tiles

January 13, 2014

Although popular when they first debuted in the 1950s, popcorn ceilings have since become dated, ugly leftovers in a home. The knots and bubbles prominent within the ceilings have also become the bane of homeowners as they see their resale value diminish as a result. But hope is not lost! While most assume a ceiling redesign is a huge, costly investment, replacing the popcorn ceilings with tin ceilings is a surprisingly simple DIY project and the modern finish will wow anyone who visits your home....

Suspended, Barrel and Vaulted Ceiling Examples

December 23, 2013

Ceilings come in a variety of shapes and sizes as part of the architecture of your building, but there are a variety of ways to outfit and design them to change the look and feel of the space. If you don’t have a standard flat ceiling, you may think that other shapes are harder to remodel. False. Tin can be added to a variety of ceiling stsyles to add a touch of elegance and class to a room....

How to Paint Tin Ceiling Tiles

December 4, 2013

We offer a variety of finished tiles in over 80 powder-coated color combinations, but for those creative, crafty types who would like a completely custom look, unfinished tiles can be painted to suit your needs. How to Paint Unfinished Tin Tiles Our finished tin tiles are powder-coated which means they utilize a polyester resin that is baked onto the metal to make them strong enough to withstand the elements. If you purchase unfinished tiles, you must treat them before applying paint to achieve the same durability....

Benefits of Tin Ceiling Tiles Over Other Materials

November 13, 2013

We know a lot of choice goes into a home remodel. Aside from accent pieces, furniture and decorations, you have hundreds of construction options for every detail of every room down to the fixtures, colors, materials, and textures that can change the look and feel of your design, work within your budget, and impact the longevity of your home life. Here’s why we think you should choose tin tiles over other options when it comes to your ceiling, backslashes and art projects....

Surprising Uses of Tin Ceiling Tiles

November 7, 2013

Tin ceilings and tin backsplashes are becoming more mainstream by the day and a fairly common installation. But the uses of tin are only limited to your imagination - from rooms to walls to colors and textures, these flexible little tiles are popping up just about everywhere. Here are some of our favorite most inventive uses of tin as an accent piece - inside, outside and anywhere. Headboards Chic and modern, headboards were once used as an additional source of insulation for your bedroom, but today are used just for decorative purposes....