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Photo Contest 3rd Place Winner

July 20, 2021

Photo Credit: Christine Vroom Introducing the 3rd Place Winner of American Tin Ceilings’ Spring 2021 Photo Contest! It’s rare in Southern California for a homeowner to lean toward Southern charm. But that’s what designer Christine Vroom was tasked with in a recent ranch style renovation. The clients gave her free rein to design the interiors flavored by classic Georgian revival. It required lots of customized detail that was truly a designer’s dream project....

Creating Design Atmosphere Is All in the Details

July 7, 2021

How a space feels is just as important as how a space looks. They are like taste and smell; one is enhanced by the other. The beauty of creating design atmosphere is that it’s easy to do. A few details and you can transform a beautiful room into a place that creates its own experience. For instance, take this hot new restaurant/bar concept in Florida. The combination of Mediterranean seafood, handmade pasta, and custom drinks alone is enough to get some attention and good reviews....

Photo Contest Winner

April 19, 2021

1st Place Photo Contest Winner Announced! Photo credit: Autumn Stroh Introducing the 1st place winner in American Tin Ceilings’ Spring 2021 photo contest! This in-home bar and off-kitchen entertaining space is just dripping with a rustic tavern aesthetic that makes it impossible not to look up. The tin ceiling tiles are key in achieving the perfect vibe for the space. Pattern #29 in Silver Burnt Umber sets this space apart, maintaining separation in an open format without closing it off....

Historic Tin Ceiling Tiles Revitalize Old Mississippi School

February 15, 2021

Historic Tin Ceiling Tiles Ensure This Old Schoolhouse Turned Multi-Family Dwelling Stays on the Historic Registry. The historic preservation of a well-loved Mississippi schoolhouse into multi-family retirement housing was no small task. Keeping the building on the historic registry and making it a livable space required the cooperation of a team of experts. A design that drew on the original finishes (like historic tin ceiling tiles) was absolutely necessary. The end result?...

The Brick Box

December 8, 2020

Meet Shree and Ryan from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, who purchased a 1923 craftsman home in 2019, and started renovating it room by room in August 2020. Ryan is an apprentice cabinetmaker who knows his way around woodworking, while Shree is a marketer who is eager to help where she can. We first learned of Shree and Ryan’s renovation adventures on Instagram (@thebrickbox). Photography by Shree & Ryan (@thebrickbox on Instagram)...


November 10, 2020

//3877 is a boutique design firm focused on high-end residential, multi-family, restaurant, and hospitality projects. The firm starts each project with a very simple process: ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. Their team wants to understand the needs, wishes and desires of each client in order to impactfully use architecture and design to address each aspiration. Their passion is minimizing the impact on the natural environment while maximizing impact on their clients’ built environments....

Susan Hayward Interiors

October 20, 2020

Susan Hayward Interiors is based on the simple philosophy that Interior Design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the client, not the interior designer. Susan is joined by her daughter, Jillian Hayward Schaible, where as a mother-daughter team they strive to uncover every client’s unique tastes and personal style. Whether designing for residential or commercial projects, they approach every design with the needs of the space at the forefront. It is not enough for a room to look good, it has to work and function well too....

Simonson & Associates Architects

September 16, 2020

Simonson & Associates Architects, an architecture firm located in Des Moines, Iowa, specializes in design, planning, and building for residential, multi-family, senior living, and commercial. The firm’s own studio space is the perfect setting for inspired creativity. They converted an abandoned car dealership into an eye-catching, LEED certified building that occupies approximately 10,000 square feet. Featured Project: Templeton Rye Distillery Photography by Jacob Sharp Photo Featured: Pattern #6 in Copper Brushed Bronze...

Kathy Corbet Interiors

August 20, 2020

Kathy Corbet Interiors, an interior design firm located in Richmond, Virginia, specializes in both residential and commercial spaces. The firm uses resources and materials that are unique to them and not commonly found in mainstream design. They source throughout the world to create unique environments with found products, materials, and objects. Being located in Richmond, they have access to incredible artisans and craftsmen, who make their unique designs a reality. No project is ever the same....

From Meh to Marvelous

July 17, 2020

Michelle Carder disliked her bathroom for about eight years. And, just in case she hadn’t convinced her husband, Mike, of her disdain, she left some subtle hints. First came the intentional neglect of regular cleanings. Then, came the dust bunnies and an accumulation of creepy crawly things. But the pièce de résistance was the love letter—scratch that, hate mail—on the back of the bathroom door. Its poetic verse went like this: “So you say this is the last room to be remodeled … whatever”....


Hudson Trailer Co.

June 17, 2020

Q: What is the story behind Hudson Trailer Co.? A: One sleepless night, I had an idea to hunt down a vintage Shasta trailer and convert it into a mobile bar for my upstate New York property. When I told people about the idea, they said they would like to rent it. Hudson Trailer Co. was born! Three bumpy years later, my idea turned into mobile bar trailers, photo booth trailers, tap trucks, Prosecco trucks, and now a custom trailer build business....

Wolstenholme Associates

May 18, 2020

Q: What is your process for incorporating client style into designed spaces? A: Early in the process, we identify the client’s style. For restaurants, we get a good idea by asking questions during the initial client meeting: how do they want the space to feel to patrons, what is their ideal turnover rate, and what are their likes/dislikes in space planning and materials, just to name a few. We then provide inspirational images to ensure our visions align....


Porta Bella Design

April 10, 2020

Peggy Wang is an Interior Designer with Porta Bella Design, a design firm located in California. She helps clients envision and execute on their dream home. We sat down with Peggy to learn more about her project in the Pacific Palisades, a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, that featured American Tin Ceilings. Photography by Juwan Li Pattern #15 in Creamy White Satin Q: What was the design scope of this project?...

NB Design Group

March 16, 2020

Congratulations to the NB Design Group, a full service interior design firm in Seattle, Washington, for winning the American Tin Ceilings photo contest. We spoke with James Fung, Principal/Interior Designer, at NB Design Group to learn more about this project. Photography by Ben Benschneider Featured: Pattern #15 in Gold Brushed Bronze Q: For the winning photos above, what project was this for and how long did it take to complete?...