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8 Reasons to Get an At Home Bar

November 8, 2021
Just in case you need one more reason to start on that home bar, here are seven. Here’s why you shouldn’t go another holiday season without an at home bar.


Why We Love a Victorian Halloween

October 25, 2021
There’s just something peculiar about those Victorians. Maybe it’s that their focus on perfection and restraint could only end in spectacular ruin. Or maybe it’s their seeming obsession with death. Whatever the reason, there’s something sort of romantic about Victorian Halloween that keeps us coming back for more. The otherwise tight-laced Victorian’s , believe it or not, cut loose a bit on Halloween. Even Queen Victoria herself made a big deal of the holiday. It wasn’t the Halloween you know and love, but it was great fun, and in classic Victorian style, carried out in opulent fashion.


Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Out of Tin Ceiling Tiles

February 10, 2014

If you’re like most people, the go-to box of chocolates and flowers is a bit tired for a Valentine’s Day gift. Or, if you’re one of the 64% of American men who forgot to make Valentine’s plans in advance and everything in town is now booked, let us help you make it a special night in. This Valentine’s Day, spend some time making it a more personal day that shows you put some real effort in, whether it be by crafting an awesome gift for your loved one or doing something together to improve your home with tin ceiling tiles....

Holiday DIY Projects with Tin Ceiling Tiles

November 26, 2013

The holidays always seem to put people in a crafty, DIY mood. If the egg nogs and apple cider start getting your creative juices are flowing, here are some unique craft projects to try with t in. You can use our tiles for virtually anything to make a one of a kind gift item- the only limit is your imagination. Mold them into keepsake boxes, flower boxes, mirrors, or wall art to achieve a weathered, antique, salvaged look....