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Commercial Ceiling Design – Big Brands Love Tin Ceiling Tiles

August 11, 2014

For worldwide brands and international chains, interior design is about creating an aesthetic that is universally recognizable to convey a specific experience, yet distinct enough at each property that each location has a unique identity. For a lot of large retailers, that means incorporating tin ceiling tiles into their brand. From outdoor recreation to family entertainment, check out how these impressive commercial spaces are using tin ceiling tiles to make a statement.

Bass Pro

A mecca for sportsmen and outdoor gear, Bass Pro is one of the nation’s largest retailers of boating, hunting and fishing apparel. To create a true outdoor experience, the stores are a tribute to natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Award-winning design, their stores are often considered to be part museum, part art gallery, part antique store and part aquarium, a center for conservation, education and fun. Their Denver location has tin ceiling tiles in the fishing display to evoke a sense of a simpler time down by the water, as does their corporate office in Springfield, Missouri.

Whole Foods

The leading organic and natural grocer, Whole Foods creates a very specific shopping experience that cultivates a community that celebrates seasonal, local and regional foods. They’ve incorporated tin into a number of their designs across the Midwest and Canada because it feels elemental, but more importantly is an easily cleanable surface for food prep.


One of our newest clients and one we’re most excited about, Disneyland is the definition of a child’s fantasy. A dreamlike entertainment park come alive, our tin tiles were used to decorate the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree stage in Frontierland, primarily for their “Nashville” show.

It’s not just big brands that love our tin ceiling tiles. Plenty of of fbeat, local mom and pop shops flock to patterned ceilings too. From the bar down the block to the scientology center – our tin tiles are literally everywhere. Where have you seen them lately?


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