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Cool DIY Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are one of the few aspects of your home where form follows function. Designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful, you can protect your walls from water with a variety of materials that match the look and feel of your kitchen, while creating an enticing focal point. Kitchen backsplash materials run the gamut from traditional ceramic tile to high-end granite and are as important a feature as your appliances to create a beautiful accent wall. They are also one of the easiest home improvement projects to undergo that will have the greatest impact.

Ceiling Tiles


Reclaimed wood is a great material to achieve a rustic, homey feel in your kitchen. The best part? It can cost nothing if you find it lying around your neighborhood. Go on a scavenger hunt looking for salvaged fences and dilapidated buildings. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that, and recycling trash is someone else’s treasure - resourceful and good for the environment!


Glass tiles are one of the most common backsplash materials. Whether you go with a solid white or black or a mix of shades, glass makes a great mosaic and is a great way to turn your kitchen wall into a piece of art. Take a look at some famous mosaics for inspiration and create your own masterpiece today.


While tin can evoke any mood or feeling, silver or metal tiles are typically traditional and romantic, drawing inspiration from early Americana industrial designs. They are super easy to install yourself and cost on average just $96 (excluding shipping and depending on your kitchen size), providing a glamorous upgrade at a completely affordable price.

One of a Kind

People have used everything from wine corks to antique mirrors to pennies stuck to the wall to create unique one of a kind backsplashes. Some of our favorites include fabric swatches, buttons, seashells, and post cards. The only rule is to be creative and let your personality show!

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