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Case Study: Cosa Design

July 21, 2014

As the winner of our photo contest, CoSa Design in Brooklyn completely restored this historic colonial home to its former glory. While this beautiful bathroom elicits a sense of nostalgia, it also achieves the perfect balance of newness by mixing metallic tin panels with traditional wainscoting over a one-of-a-kind wooden sink. The accents and fixtures compliment its rustic allure and we know quite well anyone would be happy to start their day in this charming space.

We caught up with Principal Silvia Saponaro to get the skinny on her design.

Pattern/Color: Pattern #3, Brushed Satin Nickel

Home Style: Colonial, dating back to the 1780s

Home Location: Montgomery County, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia

How did you find out about tin as a backsplash option?
Through an internet search, but I’ve used tin ceiling tiles in other ways a few times in my career. We love your product and are constantly looking to use them in more unique, modern ways besides just traditional designs.

Did you consider any other materials? If so, which ones?
We considered a typical wood wainscot, but wanted to use a more interesting material. Something that would fit with the historical house, but maybe used in a different or unexpected way.

How did you find out about the American Tin Ceiling Company?
Online searching for tin ceiling tiles.

Which installation type did you purchase?

Did you install it yourself?
Yes, I installed it as part of a design/build project. It is very easy to work with and very straightforward.

Would you use it again?

What has the response/feedback been like?
Universally positive. Most people outright love it and some don’t necessarily get it, but like it in spite of themselves.

Any future projects in the works for tin?
We’re thinking about using it for a renovation in a tiny Italian hill town. Historically it would be completely out of place, but the material itself may be the right look.


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