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Creative Backsplashes

November 20, 2013

Kitchen backsplashes are a great way to showoff your unique style, flair and spice up your cooking space. Adding a trim accent wall in some form of tile (tin, ceramic, stone, glass etc.) is just one of the latest DIY home project crazes. Really creative backsplashes can include a mix of materials, a splash of color, interesting shapes, and will tie the whole space together, setting off the countertops and finishes. Some unique accent pieces include cork, marble, mirrors, crates, and mosaics. Whether it’s a gritty subway tile or an elegant stained glass piece, your cook space can be as individualized as your dishes. Check out our design center today to start building your dream kitchen!

Tin Kitchen Backsplashes

All of our tin panels are 24" x 24", but the patterns we recommend for backsplash are 6" repeating, which allows you to cut each panel to accommodate the space between your cabinets and counter. The average kitchen backsplash is typically 18” high, which therefore can be satisfied with one row of panels going across. To determine how many you need, calculate the total linear length and divide by two feet (a single panel width). To cut them to the right size, simply use a guillotine paper cutter or tin snips. They should sit flush against the cabinet with a factory edge on the countertop. Wood moldings are typically used to cover outside edges sealed with caulk. No wood is required to install as they can easily be mounted with Liquid Nails. All patterns are available in all colors to match any decor and are easily cleaned using just mild detergent (rust-free!). They are also heat resistant up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit so need to worry about kitchen mishaps or the panels bending under the heat from a stove or other appliances.


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