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Detroit Revitalization with DPOP!

October 20, 2015

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dPOP! - standing for “People, Offices, Places” - is based in Detroit. This unique design firm creates inspired workplaces with an express intent to enhance jobsite productivity and create “the offices of the future.” Born out of Quicken Loans’ in-house facilities team that oversaw the creative design of new Quicken locations, the staff of dPOP! was quickly lauded by other companies for their individual and inspiring interiors. Realizing that the services they offered had application beyond Quicken’s expansion, dPOP! in its current iteration was born.

TILES INSTALLED: Patterns #10 & #11
Gold Washed White

Kristin Kostrzewski - Lead Designer

For one of dPOP’s installations with American Tin, designer Kristin Kostrzewski referenced original photographs of historic downtown Detroit buildings. In looking through details, and desiring to be as historically accurate as possible, Kristin selected American Tin’s Pattern #10 and #11 for installation in a long hallway of the historic Detroit news building. Kristin chose these two patterns because the hallway had many fixtures, and one pattern more easily accommodated a fixture cut-out. Kristin also mentions that she had a lot of push back initially for selecting tin - the builders had never used tin before and were hesitant to adjust the grid. But, Kristin says, it was worth every argument she had to have - the installation was easy and everyone loves it!

dPOP! takes pride in truly understanding a client’s culture and their identity as a company. With their decade of experience with over 15,000 users, dPOP! has vetted what works in a workplace. In fact, they’ve taken their own workplace - their very offices - and opened them up to the city of Detroit on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, where they provide free wi-fi, popcorn, and coffee, and allow businesses, consultants, and freelancers to meet. That’s part of dPOP’s endeavor to give back to the city; several of their principal staff are Detroit-natives, and it’s that passion - for Detroit and design - that keeps dPOP! popping.

Browse more photos of dPOP!’s headquarters below and get inspired by their fantastic designs and the unique beauty of tin!

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