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Dramatic Kitchens

Dramatic tin tiled ceiling in a large kitchen.

You should love being in your kitchen. If that means you need a little visual drama, then you’re in the right place. Every kitchen can benefit from a little drama.

Dramatic kitchens span the range from over-the-top designs to simple layouts with dramatic accents. Here’s how you can bring some of that to your kitchen.

Eye-Catching Ceilings

A ceiling that makes a statement is right on trend, plus it adds immediate drama. You can go bold, unique, or classic and still get the desired effect.

A coffered ceiling is one way to catch the eye. Go with the classic square shapes or do something a little different and try rectangles or triangles instead.

A tin ceiling is instant drama and elegance. It doesn’t just invite you to look up, it demands it. Try a colored or distressed tin ceiling tile and make the ceiling even more stunning.

A mural on the ceiling can be a simple, curly pattern, a full-fledged scene, or anything in between. Limit more dramatic murals to just one area (like over the island) so it’s not overwhelming. Or if it’s a bit more understated, cover the whole ceiling.

Dramatic kitchen with tin tile backsplash.

Popping Colors

Kitchens tend to be neutral and this is generally a good thing. But all those neutrals can become a little one note. Liven things up with color. You can add a few accents of color here and there, or you can go for a bit more dramatic (and permanent) applications of color.

The backsplash is an excellent place to add color. It’s a permanent change but is easily changed if you decide to go a different direction in the future. A solid color or mosaic with color draws the eye and makes the backsplash the center of your design. Try a tin tile backsplash to add metallic flair to the backsplash.

Another great place to add color is on the island. Cabinets of a different color than the perimeter cabinets take the kitchen drama up a notch. A dramatic countertop on the island lets you add something heavier in design without weighing down the kitchen.

Colored appliances (oven, fridge, etc.) are on-trend and add a pop of color that really sets the kitchen apart. These are also easy to switch out if you decide to do something different later.

Going Eclectic

Eclectic design used to mean a mish-mash of styles that may or may not make sense. But that isn’t how contemporary eclectic design works anymore. The new eclectic-ism blends a few elements into a motif that carries itself throughout the design. Mixing modern with Moroccan or contemporary with rustic is a popular way to gain an eclectic vibe.

Just like pops of color bring a little life to your kitchen, pops of the quirky do the same. Bring in heavily patterned bar stools or incorporate an off-beat shaped island. Anything out of the ordinary draws attention and ups the drama factor.

If you’re a collector, don’t be afraid to bring your found items into the kitchen. Antiques, art, whatever you like to collect can be arranged in little vignettes in your kitchen. It tells a story and makes your kitchen more personable and unique to you.

Dramatic kitchen with black and white checked floor.

Unleashing the Diva Factor

There’s nothing that brings the kitchen to life more than letting the space show it’s diva side. You can do this with any part of the kitchen design—as long as it steals the spotlight, it’s doing its job.

Do something totally unexpected with the floor. Go for a notable pattern like chevron, herringbone, or checked. Having a dramatic floor is enough to set your kitchen apart.

Unique countertops make an undeniable statement and become the centerpiece of your kitchen. You can achieve countertop drama with a dark color, richly veined stone, or a vibrant color.

On-trend and oh-so-dramatic, statement lighting takes your kitchen from plain to wow in a hurry. The variety of shapes, colors, groupings of lights, and more give you plenty of options to work with. Apply your creativity.

Dramatic kitchen with black cabinets.

Introducing Black

You’re well aware of the popularity of white kitchens, but if you want the drama, nothing beats black. It’s sophisticated and demanding of attention but also classic and elegant. Adding black to your kitchen, even in small amounts is a guarantee of more drama.

Black cabinets in an otherwise neutral kitchen change the vibe entirely. Ensure that there’s plenty of light in the space so you can ward off the feeling of it being dark and bask in the drama of black.

Every bit of black you add to your kitchen amps up the drama. Even black-framed windows are enough to take full advantage of the effects of black. Black and white patterns in textiles do the same.

A healthy dose of metallic alongside black both balances the dark color and adds more drama. No matter which metallic you choose, the contrast and added shine takes the kitchen from meh to amazing.

Go for the dramatic kitchen and enjoy every moment you spend there. For more dramatic kitchen ideas, check out this blog.


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