Exteriors with Tin

December 30, 2013

There are plenty of quotes about inner beauty. But sometimes, you want to show off the exterior, too. You may be familiar with tin ceilings or tin backsplashes as accent walls on the interior of homes, but a new trend in design world is to decorate the outside of your house. Rusted tin has long been used as an interesting type of siding, but some of our more unique panel installations feature wainscoting walls so the whole neighborhood can appreciate their beautiful finish. There is no need to worry about rusting or tarnishing, as our powder finishes are sturdy and built to withstand the elements and water. Neighbors gawking in envy, though? That you may have to worry about.


Dark rust or copper tin tiles add an interesting touch to offset brick construction on patio walls, while a white or silver color would accent stone buildings. Enclosed patio ceilings are also a unique place to put tin tiles as they compliment a variety of ceiling fans, light fixtures and big bay windows. Others have constructed stand alone folding screen walls out of tin tiles as a unique privacy element or room divider.


Make impressive hedges and intricate landscaping a focal point with a wall of tin panels to protect them. You’ll feel like royalty keeping the little people out with a metallic gate and wall of tile. Moat not included.

Perfect for the eave of a roof, this example of an Adobo design was easily installed with drop-in panels to make the exterior of what was once a standard California home a standout on its block. Traditionally, eaves were used as functional pieces to keep the rain water from collecting on the roof, but this sunny SoCal residence is using it primarily for aesthetic purposes which we fully support.


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