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Featured Project: Alma Homes

Creating homes based on clients’ personalities with tin panels

Kirsten, Principal Designer and Founder of Alma Homes, is a custom home builder and remodeling expert located in Minnesota. She helps clients envision and execute on their dream home. We sat down with the designer extraordinaire and picked her brain on her processes and design style.

Alma Homes’ design process is an all encompassing process. This means that they sit down with their clients through every step of the process - from initial design plan to selecting products and furniture.

“Being involved in every aspect really helps us to understand the way they live, as well as their style. For us, design is really only about the client. We believe that their homes should be designed and built around them, and when you walk into one of our homes, it should reflect our clients’ personalities.”

As far as product selection, it depends on the clients’ styles. Whatever product brings their design to life, they choose. Being so focused on the client, it is important that they only suggest a product if they know it is going to perform well - they have very strict quality standards.

Featured Project with Tin Ceilings

In the photo attached, the Alma Homes’ team built that home from the ground up. They were a part of every build and design process. The tin ceiling is actually located in the client’s office area of their home. The home took just under 5 months to complete.

They chose to purchase from American Tin Ceilings because of they were pleased with the variety of designs and patterns and how beautiful the tiles were. They fit perfectly within the space.

Since they had such a great first-time experience, the team already has plan on using tin panels in future projects.

Design and Values with Alma Homes

The team has four core values that they run their business by that truly sets them apart from the rest.

1. Large emphasis on design. They do all of their design in-house so it can function as a one-stop shop for clients. This also allows the team to work with clients that have the same appreciation for design as they do.

2. Quality. They build homes that last, not homes that fall apart after a few years; therefore, they invest money where it counts.

3. Efficient timelines. Through effective planning, the team is able to build/remodel very quickly with minimal headaches.

4. The last, and most important value is their clients. Being a boutique builder, they only do about 6-10 projects per year, so they are selective with the clients they work with.

“We have a motto internally that if we can’t see them sitting down for dinner at our own home, they aren’t the client for us. This creates a fantastic working relationship, and we are able to deliver an outstanding service that clients expect from a boutique builder.”

Tips, Tricks and the Future

Kristen has been working in the industry for a while now, which has given her insight into the best workflows, processes and designs. This means tips, tips and more tips for those DIYers out there!

“My number one tip would be to do all of your planning on the front end. We do all of our plans and selections before we ever start. Not only does that save you time (especially when some materials have long lead times), but it saves you money.”

Since the Alma Homes business has been open for a short time, the team has been able to watch it take off - quickly. Their goal is to continue to stay small and work with the right clients, but increase the scale and size of their projects. They also plan to have a stronger online presence in the years to come so that they can collaborate with others easily.

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