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Holiday Decorations with Tin

December 18, 2013

If you procrastinated decorating this holiday season or feel like your house is still missing that certain je ne sais quoi, why not get crafty and try decorating with tin? Tiles start at just $7 a piece and many are in stock and ready to ship the next day. They are great for adding a rustic, antique feel to projects and are easy to work with. For more inspiration, check out the holiday crafts section on Pinterest (just don’t get sidetracked by all the yummy recipes).

Christmas Tree Box

If you’re looking for a more interesting way to dress up your Christmas tree than the traditional tree skirt, the editor of “This Old House” shows us how to build a planter’s box made out of our tin tiles. All you need is plywood for the legs and panels sized to the tree pot, a piece for support along the bottom, and thin strips for rails on the edges. Cut the tile into four pieces for the sides with tin snips and seal it with caulk. Glue and nail four 1x4 inch pieces with miltered corners to form the top edge of the box and finish by sanding, priming and painting.


Tired of the angel or star everyone has at the top of their tree? Be the talk of the town with a custom tin design. You could cutout the pattern on #12 to have a medieval clover or use #8 to get a dramatic butterfly. Simply position the pieces how you want and glue them together. Tin tiles aren’t meant to be bent or you may risk damaging the powder coating so order 2-3 tiles and form them into a pyramid shape. You can customize the design even further with paints, metallic accents, rhinestones, glitter, or hanging beads.


Our standalone tiles would make great ornaments, just stamp a hole to hang or get extra fancy and turn them into a picture frame. Cut out a rectangle with your trusty tin snips and fasten a piece of clear plastic over the hole so as not to ruin the photo. Voila, instant personalization.


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