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Holiday DIY Projects with Tin Ceiling Tiles

The holidays always seem to put people in a crafty, DIY mood. If the egg nogs and apple cider start getting your creative juices are flowing, here are some unique craft projects to try with t in. You can use our tiles for virtually anything to make a one of a kind gift item- the only limit is your imagination. Mold them into keepsake boxes, flower boxes, mirrors, or wall art to achieve a weathered, antique, salvaged look. Single tiles would look great as trivets to spice up a decorative, enviable table and ensure you’re the hostess the mostest. For smaller projects, we recommend 6" repeating patterns like 3, 17, 19, 20, 21, 30, and 31. The cost of shipping one tile is approximately $10 plus the cost of a tile so you’re looking at a great gift under $20! Pinterest is a great source for inspiration if you can take a break from the holiday prep. Shabby chic never looked so good.


Our standalone tin tiles would make great ornaments to hang from the tree. Simply stamp a hole to hang and voila, instant pattern. If you’re interested in cutting them into unique shapes, a standard pair of tin snips or metal shears will do the trick. Tin tiles are not intended to be bent as they can potentially break the powder coating so it’s recommended to cut and piece together. Simply trace the design you want and cut away. If you like bling, you can string beads or crystals from a hole at the bottom like the sample in the picture. We offer a variety of finished colors, but if you want to paint them yourself, you can purchase unfinished tiles and treat them with an oil-based primer with rust inhibitor. More info on painting is available here.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another popular personalized gift perfect for crafting out of tin tile. Simply cut a square or rectangle the size of your photo with your tin snips, attach a clear piece of plastic or glass to preserve the memory, and affix a stand to the back.

Create a Memory Board

A more ambitious project, but much more aesthetically pleasing than a standard cork board, you can literally attach magnets to any cutout or decorative item as a cute ways to hang notes. A perfect holiday gift for the roommate or family member you see the most. Unfinished tiles have better magnetism, but are still not super strong so don’t try to hang anything heavier than a piece of paper from them. The example shown is a rusted tile, which means it is unfinished (and a pattern we don’t carry, although we have plenty of comparable products).

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