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How to Plan a Successful Ceiling Remodel

February 5, 2014

An often forgotten or overlooked element of the home, your ceiling needs love, too. Usually a blank canvas, the ceiling typically comes as generic as possible. If you’d rather it stand out instead of fading into the background, here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a ceiling remodel to turn the 5th wall into a real focal point, with or without tin.

Understand Your Blueprint

Take the time to research your building or home. It’s important to consider the hard elements like electrical outlets and lights so you know what you have to work around, as having to rewire an entire house can get pricey quickly. Similarly, most ceiling treatments must be anchored to joists. To find where your joists are, check the attic to see which direction they’re running and how far apart they’re placed. Using a stud finder, lightly rap on the ceiling until you hear a solid sound. Mark the joists with chalk and measure accordingly based on what you determined the attic measurements to be.

Set Guidelines

Set a budget, know how much you can spend, and don’t go over it. With any home improvement project, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, there are bound to be unexpected costs and setbacks. Try to minimize the surprises by researching as much about the project and material you’re working with as possible. Watch YouTube videos, read message boards, and try to identify every place possible that something could go wrong so you’re fully prepared for the time and monetary investments.

Look For Inspiration

Houzz, HomeTalk and Pinterest are all great places to browse aspirational pictures of what others have done and to find ideas you may not have even thought possible. From vaulted ceilings to unique chandeliers and uncovering vintage beams, it’s all about creating drama and contrast.

Use Unusual Materials

White paint is so blasé. Paintable wallpaper, metal tiles like tin, ceiling medallions, and reclaimed wood are all great examples of what you can do to make your ceiling shine. If you think tackling the entire ceiling is too daunting, try adding accents like crown moldings as decorative trim. It’s easier than it looks though with our Snaplock tiles. This innovative tin installation nails directly over ugly popcorn ceilings and drywall so you save yourself the time and effort of trying to scrape off what’s already there.


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