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Interior Design Spotlight: Kelly Wunsch

January 15, 2014

Kelly Wunsch is a unique former MLB player who transitioned to interior design later in life. Playing for the Chicago White Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Milwaukee Brewers for 14 years, he now owns a custom luxury home building company in Austin, Texas that focuses on highly efficiency properties without sacrificing comfort, utility, or aesthetics. He likes the look of tin to add a touch of elegance and visual interest to traditional home styles.

We caught up with Kelly to see how his project was received and why he chose tin ceiling tiles.

Home Style: Traditional

Home Location: Tarrytown (upscale traditional Central Austin neighborhood)

Patterns/Colors Installed: Pattern #2 in Antique Silver Satin

How did you find out about tin as a design option?
I saw it on the ceiling in a friend’s house and loved it.

Did you consider any other materials? If so, which ones?
No, just tin.

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?
A fair amount- it took a while to locate a good source.

How did you find out about the American Tin Ceiling Company?

Which installation type did you purchase?
Snap Lock™

Did you install it yourself? If not, who did? Was it as easy as they explained?
My trim carpenters did. It was a little difficult making the transition to the crown molding around the edges, but in general they didn’t have any problems.

Would you use it again?
Yes, for the right project. It adds fantastic detail to a traditional home.

What has the response/feedback been like?
Extremely positive, it was a big hit at the open houses for customers who like that regal, old world feel. Best feedback I’ve ever gotten on a kitchen.

Any future projects in the works for tin?
Not at the moment, I’m on a modern kick, but if I went back to a traditional style I’d use tin again.


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