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Long Beach Brewing Company - A New York Brewery with a Tin Twist

August 31, 2015

Long Beach Brewing Company began in 2008 when Patrick Harten and Brett Blau bonded over their love of home brewing and began brewing together. As they developed their recipes, the notoriety of their beers grew. In 2010, the idea for Long Beach Brewing Company was born.

Through extensive ‘research’ of beer, Patrick met Dan Scandiffio at a local German beer club called The Boot Club and they became fast friends. The two decided to turn Patrick’s garage into their new brew house, started brewing, and the beers just kept getting better. After a few sessions they knew they had to go bigger and Dan designed their new brew house.


When picking out a fire retardant back splash for the brew house, Dan wanted to use something that was easy and affordable but with his sense of style. Having done a massive renovation of his long time family restaurant in Brooklyn N.Y., Dan had the idea of using the same ceiling tile he had used on that project. The choice was simple; the tiles provided the heat resistance they needed and the ease of cleaning you would expect in a cooking environment.

After looking online and finding AMERICAN TIN CEILINGS website it was very easy to pick and choose a pattern. The installation for this project was simple for the brewers: silicon adhesive was applied on the back and the four corners were tacked with finishing nails. They report the whole process only took about 30 minutes.

Currently Long Beach Brewing Company is awaiting their federal and state licensing.

Long Beach’s menu boasts 14 styles. Some of the current ones on tap are their flagship beer Boardwalk Cream Ale with a touch of honey in the finish. There is also a German style Schwartzbeir called Shipwreck Black and a complete original called Paisano Ale, which has oregano and basil specifically made to pair with Italian food.

Dan Scandiffio’s family-owned pizza parlor, Lenny and John’s, with a tin ceiling from American Tin

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