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Make Your Outdoor Space Shine for Memorial Day

May 23, 2014

Tin ceiling tiles can be installed anywhere and everywhere and some of the most creative projects we’ve seen have actually been on the exterior the home, rather than inside of it. From tin soffits to outdoor bars and standalone rock waterfalls, what our amazingly imaginative clients think up never ceases to surprise and amaze us. If you’re thinking of redoing the outside of your home or updating your backyard landscaping, tin tiles are an easy DIY project that the whole family could get involved with to enjoy together. Here are some of our all-time favorite outdoor installations, perfect for your Memorial Day party or any time you invite the crew over for a summer shindig

Tin Fence

This outdoor patio is enclosed with a custom tin wall made of Pattern #3 in silver burnt umber. Perfect for feeling like a king to keep the commoners out.

Rock Waterfall

This unique waterfall installation is crafted of a rock fountain accented with tin tiles in Pattern #21 in silver burnt umber. Reflective of the elements, earth and water, it provides a zen-like ambiance to the patio area.

Flower Box

Pattern #3 in gold brushed bronze offers a beautiful metallic flower box, perfect to offset to bright flower bulbs and overflowing fauna. This could be a unique accent piece for either inside or outside the home and an easy DIY project.


The flat underside of an exterior building, soffits are often a forgotten or ignored space begging to be designed. Tin ceiling tiles make a beautiful accent that catch the light just right to make all your neighbors jealous. Shown is pattern #24 in rustic copper in a Mediterranean guest home.


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