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March is National Craft Month- How to Celebrate with Tin Tiles

March 6, 2014

March is National Craft Month and with tin tiles such a popular and trendy material right now, there’s no reason not to get creative with them. Besides their well known uses for ceilings and backsplashes, tin tiles are great for those cute and simple DIY projects you pine over on Pinterest. Check out some of our favorite craft ideas.

Accent Your Favorite Pieces

A little bit of tin can go a long way and placing it alongside your favorite appliances can offer just the right amount of glam you were looking for. In this particular case, smaller patterns work best, so try 6-inch repeating designs like Pattern 17 or Pattern 35 along the front of your dishwasher or even your refrigerator. The reflective surface will give the appearance of stainless steel and because tin tiles are rust resistant and won’t attract mold due to water damage, you can trust that a little mild soap and water will keep it clean throughout the year.

The kitchen isn’t the only place you can decorate with tin, though. Tin tiles look great as an accent on your headboard in your bedroom, as a square lamp in your living room, or even in some of the cabinets in your study. Whenever you’re crafting with tin, be sure to use a Nail-Up Installation and attach the tiles with an adhesive like Liquid Nails.

Frame It

Tired of scouring the Internet for a picture frame that just doesn’t match your room decor? Next time you’re at the craft store load up on some simple, cheap wooden frames that you can attach a gorgeous tin tile to. With artisan panels available in rich mochas and vibrant golds, your favorite family photos will finally receive the attention they deserve.

You can also use those old frames you have lying around the attic to turn some of the large tin ceiling tiles into wall art. One 24-inch panel will easily accent your home décor with a simple frame around it. If you’re feeling extra crafty, grab some spray paint to decorate the frame (not the tile!) in fun, vibrant colors for a sophisticated and modern look.

Organize With It

Spruce up your study or office with a tin tile corkboard, minus the cork as a great way to keep those to-dos organized. First, determine how large of a board you need for your living space, and then choose the tin tile pattern that’s the most appealing to you. We recommend the 12-inch and 24-inch patterns. After you’ve created a frame for your board, head down to your local office supply store for a few magnets. In no time, you will be hanging photos, IOUs, and notes for a unique, simple, and contemporary message board. There are so many crafting options with tin, and the only limit is your imagination. Have a personal favorite? Send us a picture — we’d love to see it and share it!


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