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NB Design Group

March 16, 2020

Congratulations to the NB Design Group, a full service interior design firm in Seattle, Washington, for winning the American Tin Ceilings photo contest. We spoke with James Fung, Principal/Interior Designer, at NB Design Group to learn more about this project.

Photography by Ben Benschneider
Featured: Pattern #15 in Gold Brushed Bronze

Q: For the winning photos above, what project was this for and how long did it take to complete?
A: This was part of a large scale home renovation. The space, shown in the images above, is on the lower level and used to be a media room and wine cellar. The client wanted to convert the space into a fun and dramatic whiskey lounge. The overall project took about 7 months.

Q: When in the design process did you decide to use tin ceiling panels?
A: We decided pretty early on that we wanted a tin ceiling. The room did not have a lot of natural light so we wanted to reflect the light that was there, and make for an unique space that harkens to the vintage whiskey lounge feel.

Q: Why did you choose to use Pattern #15 in Gold Brushed Bronze?
A: The tin panel gold color tied in with all of the other gold leafing and antiqued brass finishes that are present throughout the house. We also liked how the reflective quality bounced the light in the room, and the antiquing made it look like the room was like this for a long time.

Q: How does the tin ceiling contribute to the overall design aesthetic in this project?
A: It is probably the most essential part of this room. It is where most of the drama comes into the space, and really transformed the space into a much softer and more evocative space.

Q: Do you have any tips for someone wanting to design with a tin ceiling?
A: For tin ceiling design, I think it is important to really be bold. For this project, we applied tin panels to the entire ceiling. I think this creates a more architectural feel to the space compared to doing only a small portion of the ceiling or framing it out. By using tin panels on a large scale, they become part of the design of the space, and less like a decorative accent.

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