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Our Love Affair with Copper Tiles

April 30, 2014

As a precious metal, copper’s prices have been on the rise the last few years and it’s no wonder. It looks expensive, ages well, and adds an antique touch anywhere you use it in the home. The history of copper in architecture can be linked to its durability, corrosion resistance, prestigious appearance, and ability to form complex shapes. Copper is commonly used for plumbing and electrical work, but interior designers love it equally as much for the design punch it provides where form follows function. Whether it be used for a freestanding bathtub, a kitchen sink, on the roof, or as an impressive hood, a little touch of copper looks great in every room – inside and out. Completely versatile, you can literally put it anywhere.

As An Accent

Whether it be for wainscoting, as wall art, or on a bar copper tin tiles match metal fixtures to provide a honed, well-thought out look. If you’re going for a shabby-chic aesthetic, there is no better touch. One unique place to put it is around a fireplace or stove. With a distinct old-world feel, the copper cladding reflects the glow of the flames to create a warm, welcoming property.

Outdoor Elements

One of our favorite ways to use copper tin tiles outside is on a fence or in a planter’s box to accent a garden or landscaping features. Also popular in outdoor lighting fixtures and fire pits, copper lanterns would perfectly enhance a finished patio or back porch to look great under the setting sun.

In The Kitchen

Copper is one of our most popular backsplash colors because it looks great against wood cabinetry. If you really want to create a dramatic effect, invest in copper cookware and hang the pots and pans around your kitchen. Although much more expensive than stainless steel, the quality shows and they have superior heat conductivity so it’s what many professional chefs use.


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