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A Design Primer: Tin Installations with Pattern #7

December 20, 2015

American Tin Ceilings produces a selection of carefully chosen patterns for design aesthetics ranging from traditional to modern. One of the most popular patterns in our repertoire for commercial installations is Pattern #7, a dignified and traditional design featuring an ascending braided egg and dart frame with an elegant embossed circle. Pattern #7 works in concert with many design aesthetics and is available in each of our 35 colors.

From a clean and minimal white, to unique Artisan Finishes that highlight the embossed detailing of the panel, to classic bronze and blacks for dramatic interiors, Pattern #7 is well suited for spaces requiring a touch of historic, subdued class, bringing a distinct neoclassical feel drawn from ancient Greece and Rome. Pattern #7 is also popular for installations with fixtures as the tile can easily accommodate a cutout without affecting the design of the tile.

Motorino NYC

Motorino NYC is an award-winning New York pizza parlor that selected Pattern #7 and our tin crown molding for their ceiling. In this context, Pattern #7 works alongside the marble countertops to anchor the exposed brick (not shown) and Edison bulbs for a successful high / low interior.
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The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel from the iconic film The Shining selected Pattern #7 for this high-end installation. The subdued design of Pattern #7 is well suited for a large-scale application such as this because it lends a subtle texture to an expansive ceiling without overwhelming the space.
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Ludlow Blunt Salon

Ludlow Blunt Salon, an 1800s drugstore finished with premium Cuban Mahogany, offers a premium NYC barber experience, and Pattern #7 in white jives perfectly with the gorgeous chain lights, gradient octagonal tile, and bright white barber chairs. Also note how Pattern #7’s circular embossment successfully accommodates the light fixture cut-outs.
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