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The Most Popular Patterns of 2015

December 30, 2015

The results are in! The most popular patterns of 2015 were #3, #7, and #19. Read more about the installation possibilities with these beautiful patterns below:

Pattern #3

A subtle but intricate design with a low profile depth, Pattern #3 features floral coins and arching diamonds. The low profile depth of Pattern #3 is also a favorite for walls and backsplashes because it can be easily wiped clean and sits almost flat against the wall. Pattern #3 is available in each of our 50 colors.

Ideal Applications: Backsplashes, Walls, Ceilings

Pattern #7

A dignified and traditional design featuring an ascending braided egg and dart frame with an elegant embossed circle, Pattern #7 is well suited for spaces requiring a touch of historic, subdued class, bringing a distinct neoclassical feel drawn from ancient Greece and Rome. Pattern #7 is also popular for installations with fixtures as the tile can easily accommodate a cutout without affecting the design of the tile.

Ideal Applications: Ceilings

Pattern #19

A modular diamond design with Art Deco influence, Pattern #19 is a favorite for commercial and residential spaces alike. This timeless pattern is one of our most contemporary, modern styles, and adds an exceptional touch to backsplashes especially. Additionally, Pattern #18 is a larger version of Pattern #19 and is ideal for ceilings.

Ideal Applications: Backsplashes and Ceilings (sister pattern, #19)

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