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Projects with Unfinished Tin

December 11, 2013

While we offer a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from, those really adventurous DIYers may prefer unfinished t in. Starting at just $6 a tile (with a volume discount, $7 otherwise) and stocked in house, they’re available to ship next day so you can get to work immediately. Our unfinished tin tiles are manufactured from original .010 tin plated steel, each weighing approximately 2 lbs. unlike the black plate or aluminum knockoffs readily available on the market. They are bright and reflective, either blank (drop-in only) or stamped with a chosen pattern made by our authentic coil metal presses available for all installation types- Nail-Up, Drop-In or SnapLock. Priced as low as common acoustical tiles, our commercial grade unfinished tiles are not difficult to clean (just soap and water) and easily lock in place of an existing ceiling grid.

Why Would You Buy Unfinished Tin?

If none of our colors suit your fancy, or you desire a custom finish like embossing or aging, many customers opt to paint the tin tiles themselves. Make sure you choose an oil-based primer with rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion as a base coat. We recommend finishing everything with at least a clear polyurethane coat to preserve the metal before use. You can also add a powder finish like our finished tiles for longevity.

Special Patterns

Patterns #22 and #23 are perfect for special projects that can be made the center of attention by hand painting. #23 is a dramatic 24" pattern salvaged from a Duluth, Minnesota early 1900s school house that was destroyed by fire and #22 was found in an 1800s Cheyenne, Wyoming building the same way.

Artisan Colors

Worried about messing up? We sell custom colors that are hand-finished by master artisan painter Brian McQuillan. Paints are available in an array of aesthetics like white washed, brushed bronze, and burnt umber that take a two-step process to antique. It is recommended that you calculate the exact amount of tiles you need in one batch since these custom made colors are not 100% guaranteed to match if split between multiple orders. Check out this page for sample designs and contact us to find out more or request a quote.


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