Retail Spotlight: Hut no. 8

November 18, 2013

Crave designer fashions at a fraction of the cost? Hut No. 8 is a nationwide franchise of resale brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories for teens and young adults. The stores are designed to provide an escape and modeled after a Florida Beach Hut frequented by the original owners. The ambiance is high energy with vibrant music and rustic, earthy tones to channel the ocean to make every shopping experience a blissful one. The original concept store had tin ceilings to achieve the aesthetic which they decided to model in all subsequent franchises across the country. They opened new 20 locations this year and hope to double that next year.

We caught up with Vice President Larry Kottke about why he chose tin and how he learned about the American Tin Ceilings Company.

How did you find out about tin tiles and why did you choose them?
Our original concept store had an existing tin ceilings and we thought it was a nice touch so we decided to make it a part of our franchise concepts going forward.

Did you consider any other materials? If so, which ones?
We had considered doing away with the tin and simply blacking everything out. Ultimately, we decided to draw attention to the ceiling instead of making them disappear.

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?
Very little. We really liked the tin in our concept store.

How did you find out about the American Tin Ceiling Company?
We were purchasing from Classic Ceilings, but cost and turn-around times were becoming an issue. We still use them, but only when it makes financial sense and we have enough lead time.

What pattern / color did you purchase?
We purchased unfinished Pattern 7 with F1 tiles for the edges.

Which installation type did you go with (Snaplock, Nailup, etc.)? Was it as easy as they explained?
They are drop ins. The original store was nailed up, but all of our stores typically have suspended grids already.

Did you install it yourself? If not, who did?
Typically, we do the install. In the past, we did allow some stores to do it themselves or with their contractor.

Are you happy with the purchase/would you use it again?
We are very pleased. Ken has been an outstanding point of contact and has been very helpful. You are currently the main supplier for this franchise concept, so yes, we will use you again.

Any future projects in the works for tin?
Several. We opened 20 locations this year, next year will probably double.

Anything else you’d like to share or want us to know?
So long as the pricing and fast turn-around times hold true, we will not be going elsewhere.


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