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Retail Spotlight: Tommy Guns

November 5, 2013

Tommy Guns is one of the top-rated salons and barber shops in NYC. Modeled after old English elegance and European charm, they are as proud of their authentic shop interior as they are the stunning hairstyles their clients walk away with. When the time came to expand, the original Manhattan location had tin hiding under a false ceiling. When they opened their second location, they liked the look and feel of the authenticity so they decided to model it. Their new Brooklyn space is a reclaimed 1800s drugstore finished with premium Cuban Mahogany used by the original resident pharmacist so tin was a logical choice to compliment that.

We did an interview with founder Russell Manley about why he chose tin for his salon remodel.

How did you find out about tin as a ceiling option?
Just from seeing it in original form in stores around NYC and in particular Brooklyn.

Why did you choose tin?
I chose tin for its aesthetic and ease of installation. We went with Pattern #7 in Stainless Steel Gloss.

Did you consider any other materials? If so, which ones?
We briefly looked at plastic imitations, but they were nowhere near as good as getting the original t in. Plaster ceilings were costly and took far too much time to install.

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?
I looked online at google images to find tin ceiling companies and American Tin seemed to have exactly the look we were after at an affordable price.

Which installation type did you purchase (Snaplock, Nailup, etc.)? Did you install it yourself? If not, who did?
We choose the Nailup model for our vintage barber shop. The work guys had never installed one before yet they found it easy to do in a matter of a couple days and gave stunning results as you can see.

Very much so. Many people think its the original ceiling from the 1890s building we occupy. I an currently restoring an 1880s Federal style house in the Hudson valley and will of course be using tin again!


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