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Rolling Runway - The Mobile Airstream Boutique With American Tin Panels

August 14, 2015

www.rollingrunway.com - @rollingrunway

The Rolling Runway is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Morgan Schubert & Kendall Turnipseed. With an idea that began in a college course, Schubert and Turnispeed combined their love of fashion and the open road with a strategy to minimize the overhead of a brick and mortar store. What was born is a truly unique retail venture: a 1963 Airstream trailer renovated into a mobile boutique. When we caught a glimpse of the gorgeous white tin ceiling in Silvia, the name of Schubert and Turnipseed’s Airstream, we had to learn more…

1. How long have you operated The Rolling Runway?

The renovations of our 1963 Airstream lasted about 8 months, and we had our grand opening August 2, 2015 when we officially opened for business. We are doing a few more events in Athens this month and then hope to start traveling outside of Athens!

2. How did you get the idea to transform an Airstream into a mobile boutique?

The idea stemmed from a class I (Morgan) took my junior year of college where we sold student made merchandise from a mobile boutique operating out of a golfcart called “Couture a la Cart.” When I worked with Kendall (my business partner) in college, we talked about owning our own mobile women’s store since we knew it would cost less than an actual brick & mortar store. Once we researched mobile trailers, we decided we liked Airstreams the best and they have a huge following.

3. Where did you hear about American Tin Ceilings? What prompted the great idea to renovate with tin panels?

We heard of American Tin Ceilings from Google. We found an Airstream online where someone used white tiles on the walls and we wanted the same look for our mobile boutique. After researching, we found out they were tiles and around $20 a piece at Home Depot/Lowes. We determined it would be way too expensive for our pretty much non-existent budget, but we still wanted to figure out a way to recreate the look. We found American Tin Ceilings, which had tin tiles for $7 a tile and figured we could spray paint them white and it would end up cheaper than $20 a tile. It was perfect because without the tiles, we would have had to figure out a way to conceal some random holes in the actual aluminum walls on the inside.

4. How was the installation process? Did you do it all yourself?

The installation process was pretty simple. We applied contact cement on the tiles and the walls, let both dry for 15 min then stuck the tiles to the wall. After all the tiles were up, we riveted them to the interior walls of the trailer so they would never move.

5. What has the impact been? How are customers responding to the tin and the boutique as a whole?

When we finished installing the tin we were so happy we chose to use tiles instead of just paint because it helped us hide holes in our walls and they were super simple to install. Everyone has commented on the tin and loves it! They want to know more and where it’s from and of course we tell them American Tin Ceilings. Customers also love the entire boutique and are really proud of us for doing everything ourselves and don’t believe us when we say we put up the tiles ourselves. The tin tiles really helped us create that unique experience we wanted for our Airstream.

6. What's next for The Rolling Runway? Is there a place for everyone to keep tabs on where you'll be next?

We hope to do events all around Georgia during the fall and hopefully travel to more states! We do markets, festivals, and private events at your home, office or school! We have a website www.rollingrunway.com where you can shop online and check out our calendar to see where we will be next! We Instagram @rollingrunway a lot as well!

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