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Special Tin Patterns

February 3, 2014

If you’re new to the wonderful world of tin ceiling tiles, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. With 33 patterns in over 50 color options, how do you even begin to narrow down which style is right for you? A lot depends on your personal design aesthetic, but let us highlight a few of our more unique tin patterns that are sure to make your house the talk of the town. There are the standard geometric shapes like Pattern #1 and #6, but if you really want that wow effect, check these out.

The Salvages

Truly exquisite, both patterns #22 and #23 were salvaged from dilapidated buildings. Out of the rubble came these beautiful decorative elements, #22 a reproduction of a design found in an abandoned building in Cheyenne, Wyoming that was destroyed by a devastating fire. Similarly, #23 was discovered in a burned down schoolhouse in Duluth, Minnesota.

Most Popular

Tin pattern #2 is a 12” repeating diamond, but produces a circle when connected to other panels. Our most popular design, it looks good everywhere thanks to its versatility. The most popular design in the entire industry, #3 is the 6” version of pattern #2, which is great for backsplashes and small spaces. The most popular design for larger rooms is pattern #7, a circular wreath with intricate outline.


A heavily embossed flower design, pattern #5 is one of our most decorative tin tiles. Similarly, #9 is an elegant Victorian flower that looks great in artisan paint colors. Pattern #26 offers a large circular style with rivets and swirls. When alternated with Pattern #22 a rounded rectangle, it provides tons of visual interest for the eye, making your ceiling a stunning focal point.


A repeating butterfly oak leaf prevalent in pattern #8 wouldn’t fit in every space, but in the right room (a greenhouse, perhaps?), it could add a truly unique element to the layout. A 24” pattern with large, repeating clovers; pattern #12 is medieval design. If you’re going for a romantic revival, this is the look for you along with the 12” version of the clovers in pattern #34. To make a truly bold statement, pattern #13’s octagon cross design will definitely make your ceiling the first thing people notice.


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