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Surprising Uses of Tin Ceiling Tiles

November 7, 2013

Tin ceilings and tin backsplashes are becoming more mainstream by the day and a fairly common installation. But the uses of tin are only limited to your imagination - from rooms to walls to colors and textures, these flexible little tiles are popping up just about everywhere. Here are some of our favorite most inventive uses of tin as an accent piece - inside, outside and anywhere.


Chic and modern, headboards were once used as an additional source of insulation for your bedroom, but today are used just for decorative purposes. A popular DIY project is to use reclaimed tiles and an old wood door to construct shiny headboards. They add a touch of regalness to your bed frame and based on the color and style, can achieve any look from vintage antique to ultra lux and contemporary.

Wall Art

Whether you use one pattern to melt down and shape or a bunch of colors and styles to create a collage, tin tiles can be crafted into a number of designs and letters to add visual interest to a room’s walls. Mix and match tiles to mount one by one or in a mosaic as accent pieces or to frame mirrors.


Another interesting use of tin tiles is integration into furniture, whether it be embedded in a wood cabinet or finished as part of peekaboo windows. Doors are almost given a stained glass feel when colorful designs breathe new life into standard pieces.


From refrigerators wrapped in tin to stove hoods covered in panels and fireplace mantels, tin can literally be found anywhere! A good way to conceal eyesores, we’ve seen tin used to hide old pipes, construct birdhouse ceilings, wrapped around trash cans, used as flower boxes, and made into picture frames and lamps. Let the ideas flow...


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