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New Historic Tin Ceiling Tile Pattern from American Tin Ceilings

March 15, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest addition to the tin ceiling collection, Pattern #42. This pattern is a replica of an original tin ceiling tile discovered in a historic building in Cincinnati, Ohio. Recreating a Classic Pattern The architect on the project sent a 2’x4’ piece to us and we selected the parts in the best condition to recreate the tin ceiling tiles pattern. The American Tin Ceilings team carefully cleaned layers of paint from the original tile then repaired a century’s worth of scratches and dents to reveal the classic pattern....

Designing Spaces with Active Client Listening

April 5, 2019

Beth Kooby, Principal Designer and Founder of Beth Kooby Design, is an Atlanta-based interior designer specializing in well-designed spaces for clients who seek balance between style and function. Beth works mostly in residential spaces: from new home construction and home renovations, to kitchen and bath renovations, to color palette selections. We sat down with Beth to learn about her featured project in Atlanta Magazine, where she featured an American Tin Ceilings copper tin ceiling....

The Easiest Fix for Outdated Popcorn Ceilings

July 17, 2015

Popcorn ceilings were a trend in home design from the 1950s-80s, but like most things from that era, the trend has long since died. If you’re stuck with the aftermath ruining your room, don’t fret. Popcorn ceilings can be removed, but there’s an even easier way… Also called “cottage cheese ceilings” for their bumpy texture, this treatment is actually just spray-on paint. The removal process is messy, especially when it comes to spraying the ceiling with water to soften the popcorn before scraping it off with a large trowel or putty knife....

What Your Tin Tile Color Says About You

September 29, 2014

With 50+ color options, choosing what finish to order your tiles in may seem overwhelming. By narrowing the choices by family, it may make it a bit easier to help determine what type of look and style you like or are trying to achieve. Let us break it down for you: Artisan - You care about having the highest quality home accents and it shows in your decor, each tile is lovingly hand finished to give you a distinct, one of a kind antique feel that will be the envy of the neighborhood....

Case Study: Alban Adobe Casa, Alban Vineyards

March 26, 2014

The Alban Adobe is the family home of the owner of Alban Vineyards, the first American winery and vineyard in Edna Valley, California. Established exclusively to harvest Rhone Varieties, the 250-acre property has been featured in a made for TV movie about wine and cooking. The exterior tin ceiling tiles were added during a recent renovation, which will be featured in a soon-to-be released coffee table book, “The Building of the Alban Adobe Casa,” for the owner to give to guests as part of the experience of visiting the estate....

Ceiling Tiles – Do You Know the Different Types?

March 12, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, ceilings don’t just come in one shape and size, popcorn or otherwise. Effective building design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building’s infrastructure—not to mention cost of construction as well as long-term operation costs. So how do you know which type of ceiling tiles are right for you? Suspended / Dropped Ceiling Tiles With a somewhat interchangeable name, dropped, grid or suspended ceiling tiles are popular because they provide an attractive, finished look that hides wires, pipes, and other unsightly fixtures....

Are American Tin Ceiling Tiles Eco-Friendly?

March 3, 2014

If you care about the environment and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you may be concerned with what products you’re using in your home - and rightfully so. Your home is the place where you spend the most time with your loved ones so you want to ensure your family is happy and healthy. With many building materials getting a bad rap for being full of toxic chemicals, you can rest assured our tin ceiling tiles are not only eco-friendly, but completely safe....

Case Study: Melt Bar & Grilled

February 26, 2014

“Tin ceilings were always my first choice and I never considered any other materials. Why settle for second best?” –Matt Fish, Owner of Melt Bar & Grilled As American as baseball or apple pie, grilled cheese is a comfort food that can take you back to your childhood. Melt Bar and Grilled is no ordinary sandwich shop, though. With rotating specials that include everything from Sriracha butter to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, this cult phenomenon (seriously, their fans get tattoos) uses American Tin Ceilings as a major identifying element of their brand....

What does your ceiling say about you?

February 13, 2014

You spend hours designing the interior of your home, paying close attention to the types of couches, the angle of the coffee table, and even the materials of the rug. But have you considered what your ceiling says about you? Ceilings are often an afterthought in home remodeling, but in reality, they can provide one of the most dramatic and impactful upgrades to a room. You don’t have to just settle for what you purchased - ceiling remodels are surprisingly less expensive than you may think and it’s a way to make your 5th wall a main focal point....

Case Study: Grand River Station

February 12, 2014

Awarded Project of the Year in 2010, La Crosse’s Grand River Station transit center was one of Wisconsin’s top public works projects. The $30 million transportation center was a joint development project in historic La Cross. A completely unique space, not only is the building a bus and train terminal, but it also boasts an impressive 12,000 square feet commercial space, parking facility and three floors of apartments in the upper levels....