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Posts tagged ' sample packs'

A Design Primer: Tin Installations with Pattern #7

December 20, 2015

American Tin Ceilings produces a selection of carefully chosen patterns for design aesthetics ranging from traditional to modern. One of the most popular patterns in our repertoire for commercial installations is Pattern #7, a dignified and traditional design featuring an ascending braided egg and dart frame with an elegant embossed circle. Pattern #7 works in concert with many design aesthetics and is available in each of our 35 colors....

The Artisan Collection

September 11, 2015

The Artisan Collection is one of American Tin’s most popular color sets. Hand-finished by a master painter who generates custom color combinations from a range of his experiences and sources - unique textures and materials, travels, and historical buildings - the hand-distressed patina of these beautiful panels is second to none. Here’s part of our finisher’s process to achieve such a stunning look: after powder coating your tin panels with a base layer (applying the foundation color as a dust and baking it on), a topcoat is then painted by hand (frequently in a metallic shade)....