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Posts tagged ' tin ceiling projects'

Promote the Color Black from Accent to Neutral Starting with Black Tin Ceiling Tile

May 25, 2021

The color black is everywhere in design, although generally as an accent rather than a key player. What about flipping that long-time design standard on its head? What about using the color black as a neutral that you can use liberally in your design? We’re here to tell you it can be done. Here are a handful of ways you can do it. Gloss vs. Matte The finish on black tin ceiling tile or paint, or any other black element in your design can have a huge impact on how the bold color interacts in the room....

Historic Tin Ceiling Tiles Revitalize Old Mississippi School

February 15, 2021

Historic Tin Ceiling Tiles Ensure This Old Schoolhouse Turned Multi-Family Dwelling Stays on the Historic Registry. The historic preservation of a well-loved Mississippi schoolhouse into multi-family retirement housing was no small task. Keeping the building on the historic registry and making it a livable space required the cooperation of a team of experts. A design that drew on the original finishes (like historic tin ceiling tiles) was absolutely necessary. The end result?...

How to Spec a Home Project: An Interview with Our Lead Engineer

March 20, 2014

If you’re embarking on a home remodel, the first step is to construct a blue print of your plans, which involves spec’ing out specific products and materials you’re interested in using. We caught up with Ken, one of the lead engineers for American Tin Ceiling Company, to answer all your burning questions and provide tips for any type of home improvement project. What is spec’ing? Specifying, or spec’ing for short, is the process of providing specifications for a product to fit into a blueprint of a construction project....

March is National Craft Month- How to Celebrate with Tin Tiles

March 6, 2014

March is National Craft Month and with tin tiles such a popular and trendy material right now, there’s no reason not to get creative with them. Besides their well known uses for ceilings and backsplashes, tin tiles are great for those cute and simple DIY projects you pine over on Pinterest. Check out some of our favorite craft ideas. Accent Your Favorite Pieces A little bit of tin can go a long way and placing it alongside your favorite appliances can offer just the right amount of glam you were looking for....

Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Out of Tin Ceiling Tiles

February 10, 2014

If you’re like most people, the go-to box of chocolates and flowers is a bit tired for a Valentine’s Day gift. Or, if you’re one of the 64% of American men who forgot to make Valentine’s plans in advance and everything in town is now booked, let us help you make it a special night in. This Valentine’s Day, spend some time making it a more personal day that shows you put some real effort in, whether it be by crafting an awesome gift for your loved one or doing something together to improve your home with tin ceiling tiles....