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Posts tagged ' tin ceiling tile'

Case Study: Riverboat Discovery

June 30, 2014

You can find our tin tiles literally in any corner of the globe from the mom and pop shop down the block to a cruise ship in Alaska. Certainly one of our more interesting clients, the Riverboat Discovery has a unique tale from it’s humble beginnings to a booming tourist attraction. Not only a good story, but an interesting application, tin is used for both aesthetics and to lighten the weight of the boat per government regulations....

Where Do Our Patterns Come From?

June 23, 2014

One question we always get asked is where our beautiful patterns come from. And the answer is a variety of places. Some of the Victorian styles we buy at antique auctions. Others we replicate from designs we see. We try to cater to a range of home styles by offering as many modern, geometric patterns as old-world ornate designs. Some of the most interesting stories are below. Pattern #22 The #22 tin ceiling tile (24"...

Interior Design Focus: Jill Wolff

January 2, 2014

When a picture stands out, it stands out. Garnering more than 6,000 loves and comments on Houzz, we had to find out why acclaimed designer Jill Wolff chose a tin backsplash for her Breezy Brentwood remodel. Featured in LUXE Interiors, the LA Times and a variety of other notable interior design resources, Jill shares with us how tin became a staple accent piece for her homes and many other design enthusiasts....