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Posts tagged 'wainscoting'

Get Outside: The Best Exterior Tin Ceiling Tile Ideas

June 8, 2021

Does the summer weather have you ready to get started on your gardening and landscaping projects? Or maybe you’re planning a bigger project like an outdoor kitchen. Whatever your plans, don’t forget that tin ceiling tiles look just as great outside as they do inside. Exterior tin ceiling tiles can be used for anything from outdoor trims to the fireplace. If they are installed under the right conditions, you can enjoy them for many years....

From Wall to WOW!

December 23, 2015

The possibilities for tin panels in interior design reach far beyond just ceilings! Tin panels also make for ideal design accents on walls and wainscoting with their subtle textures, variety of finish options, beautiful and unique patterns, and ease of installation. Read more about exceptional wall applications from around the globe… Lindsay Chambers Design - Pattern #2 - Gold Washed White, Silver Washed White Lindsay Chambers’ adept use of Pattern #2 as a living room fireplace surround and a master bedroom accent wall speaks for itself....

What is Wainscoting?

October 22, 2013

Traditionally wainscoting is wood paneling that lines the lower walls of a room. Originally it applied only to high quality riven oak boards developed to make stone structures feel more comfortable by providing insulation. Today, they are more for decorative, ornate purposes and are often found in 17th and 18th century Victorian designs. Boiserie is a similar technique, used to define intricately carved wood paneling and can include moldings that are painted or gilded....