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Posts tagged ' whole foods interior design'

Commercial Ceiling Design – Big Brands Love Tin Ceiling Tiles

August 11, 2014

For worldwide brands and international chains, interior design is about creating an aesthetic that is universally recognizable to convey a specific experience, yet distinct enough at each property that each location has a unique identity. For a lot of large retailers, that means incorporating tin ceiling tiles into their brand. From outdoor recreation to family entertainment, check out how these impressive commercial spaces are using tin ceiling tiles to make a statement....

Case Study: Whole Foods

December 2, 2013

A global leader in natural and organic foods, Whole Foods has evolved from a mom and pop shop in Austin, Texas in 1980 to one of the world’s most recognized international grocery chains. With new locations sprouting up daily, 11 stores across the Midwest and Canada from Ottowa to St. Louis and Chicago have already implemented tin ceiling tiles as part of their updated design aesthetic that celebrates seasonal, local, regional foods....