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Spring Cleaning: The Pain of Popcorn Ceilings

March 10, 2014

In turning our clocks forward yesterday, we officially look forward to spring’s prudent arrival. In doing so, it means it’s officially time to start planning spring cleaning projects. And one thing that should definitely be on your list? Finally getting rid of those horrid popcorn ceilings. Give your 5th wall the attention it deserves with a beautiful tin ceiling upgrade.

A mainstay of the 1950s to 1980s, popcorn, cottage cheese or stucco ceiling as it may be called was a spray-on paint treatment. It was standard for it’s bright white appearance, noise reduction qualities and ability to hide imperfections. But the bumpy surface isn’t exactly modern or attractive looking and when surveyed, is often the thing homeowners dislike the most about their property. It can even decrease resale value due to its affiliation with asbestos.

Asbestos were used in many construction materials before being banned in 1978 for posing significant health risks such as cancer and respiratory disease. If you are unlucky enough that your popcorn ceilings do contain asbestos (you can have them tested by sending a sample out to a lab), know that it is illegal to simply paint over them because it can release harmful fibers into the air.

You are allowed to try to remove the ceilings yourself, but there is no research as to how safe it is. Messy and hard to remove in general, previously to get rid of popcorn ceilings you had to spray the area with water and scrape it off, section by section.

But we have a better solution for you: Snap Lock™ tiles. The only patented tin ceiling tiles on the market, our simple installation system requires no wood or removal – they screw directly over your existing popcorn ceilings. Using a revolutionary flange system, each tile interlocks with each other through a male side and a female side. All 33 patterns and 50 colors are available for Snap Lock™ installation and it’s so easy anyone can do it, no matter the skill level.

The perfect spring cleaning project, your home will have a whole new look in as little as a weekend. You don’t have to learn to love your ugly popcorn ceilings – cover them up with beautiful tin ceiling tiles!


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