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4 Places you wouldn’t expect to find Tin Ceilings

Tin ceiling tiles are more of a universal design element than you may expect. Sure the neighborhood bar and grill is using them to spruce up a dull interior or to achieve a certain aesthetic, but where else may you run across our tin tiles? Hint: just about everywhere. Take a look at some of our more unique installations.

Whole Foods

Everyone’s favorite local organic grocery store, Whole Foods is as about ambiance as it is about product selection. With each location charged with creating it’s own look and feel to evoke a sense of the neighborhood, a slew of new stores across the Midwest and Canada have implemented tin ceiling tiles since their washable, clean surface area is good for food prep areas and easy to apply.

Nissan Auto Plant

The Nissan Auto Plant in Symyma, Tennessee selected tin ceiling tiles for their clean room application, a room that must be kept highly regulated and sterile to maintain manufacturing integrity. Easy to wipe down with just mild soap and water, the tiles were perfect for creating visual appeal without ruining the functionality of the room.

Ceiling Tiles

Haunted Mortuary

An actively haunted mansion, this New Orleans tourist attraction runs daily ghost-hunting tours in an architecturally stunning manor located near the French Quarter. The magnificent home was originally built in 1872 in a neo-classical revival style exterior with an eclectic Victorian interior enhanced by tin ceiling tiles to reflect the period.

Riverboat Discovery

One of the oldest family-owned and operated steamboat tours in Alaska, the Riverboat Discovery was outfitted with tin ceiling tiles on their boat and dining hall during a recent remodel to evoke a feeling of the past, and more importantly, because the tiles were much lighter than the original fiberglass. Reducing the weight of the boat and improving the balance ultimately allowed them to make upgrades in seating that previously wouldn’t have been approved by the Coast Guard for safety reasons.

These are just a few of the incredibly stand-out installations. We also have tin tiles in airports, libraries, banks, breweries, you name it. Take a look at more of our commercial case studies for inspiration.

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